This video is fairly long, which in itself is testament to the amount of information that needs to be shared regarding the horrors that are South Africa! Presented by Stefan Molyneux, be prepared for a journey of the horrific realities of the so called ‘rainbow nation’ which is simply just another ‘failed state’. Information is not shared in the mainstream leftist media who drive the notion that diversity can work. The extreme hatred, lies and violence associated with this uncivilised third world country that is hell bent on destroying western values and ideologies and the killing of all whites, will leave you deeply concerned.

The planned theft of white land and the atrocious violence perpetrated against whites is heading for a possible civil war. Of course this will further drive the destruction of the economy and leave the masses starving. The black South African leaders openly call for this destruction and without any thought for the future carry on relentlessly with their demonic hatred.

South Africa Today – South Africa Media