In this video by Stefan Molyneux he looks at South Africa that has now moved forward with plans to expropriate white owned farm land, with little to no compensation or due process, in a move which will doom the country to future catastrophe. He looks at historical examples of similar situations and outlines the disastrous consequences of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s foolhardy endeavor. “The pending economic collapse, chaos, starvation, corruption and the fact that the true end of South Africa is upon us and the ripple effect that will be felt worldwide as millions flee”. The blatant proposed land theft and killing of whites is out of control.

Farms and land was legitimately obtained by the whites and the government now is stealing this property.The land never belonged to any black tribes and was never stolen. The ANC and EFF lies and misinformation on the topic is a drive to gather votes under the uneducated masses and the pending economic catastrophe seems to not to be an issue for them despite a ton of examples highlighting the extreme failure of this communist ideology.

South Africa Today – South Africa Media