In this video by ‘South Africa Awakening’ we see a report on the state of the white minority nation in South Africa and the crisis that is enveloping them. The video gives some startling facts pertaining to the dire situation in the country and how it is rapidly deteriorating. The white minority is being excluded from any assistance and the black masses are looting and destroying. Details in the video and information alerts citizens to the fact that there is no future for whites under the corrupt communist ANC government.

The ANC is stealing food aid and either selling the products or distributing it to there close friends and are also not assisting white businesses in the country.

The video shares how the ANC government plans to take everything they can from the white minorities and this racism was even held up in the High court where it was deemed that assisting only BEE businesses was allowed. Government is taking full control of the food supply and is reminiscent of a famous quote ” Control a nations food supply and you control the nation.”

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