In this video by ‘Sovereign State of Good Hope.’ King Khoebaha and Professor Winston P Nagan (legal advisor to the Royal house of the Khoisan and the Sovereign State of Good Hope) discuss the situation in South Africa. The expropriation without compensation plan just as Stalin did where more than 9 million people starved to death and the failure of this communist mindset around the world. They look at the blatant fact surrounding the common knowledge that the land was not ever owned by the blacks.

USAF is in full support of the Sovereign State of Good Hope.USAF stands for unity, independence, self determination and self rule. With ZERO tolerance on crime, all crime! Along with honesty, integrity and transparency in every sector of governance and proper family values. The current state of affairs in South Africa, with the insane high levels of crime and the breakdown of a decent moral society, violence, lack of decent governance and general chaos leaves a person looking for safe normal, decent and functional environment to live.

USAF looks at all the options involved in making a move to the Cape as the situation in South Africa is deteriorating at a speed and is heading the way of Zimbabwe, with a destroyed economy and the population starving. South Africans need to start helping each other, getting together and striving for a functional society with a sense of national pride.

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