In this video we see Dr. Pieter Groenewald of the FF Plus talk some truth about South Africa as he addresses parliament in a recent SONA debate. He also directly asks the President why he is not condemning or addressing farm murders and tells parliament that they should all be thanking the farmers for the food they have and eat. He also asks why the two Mosque attacks received immediate attention but nothing is said about the farm attacks, farm murders and brutal farm torture, rape and violence.

He points out how Affirmative Action (AA) and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) have failed and why the young white people of South Africa are leaving the country. Dr. Groenewald addresses the failures of mother tongue education and issues pertaining to the economy, crime and Unions in the country.

“Another matter is that Section 235 of the Constitution, which deals with self-determination, stipulates that national legislation must put it into execution. The FF Plus, the ANC and the government had reached an agreement regarding this in 1994 already.”

South Africa Today – South Africa Media