In this very informative much watch video by ‘American Renaissance’, we see Simon Roche (a previous ANC stalwart) of Suidlanders, which bills itself as the largest civil defense organization in the world, notes several promising signs that white South Africans are showing increasing political consciousness. Including protests against farm attacks, farm murders and other protests. There is a massive imminent change in Western circumstances and plans to destroy our civilization is underway. In unity, counsels Mr. Roche, there is strength. Mr. Roche gives a fiery challenge to Europeans around the world. He says they should be proud of being a “special people” that can build wonders. He urges Americans to “get off the couch” and arise. Work to defend yourself against those that hate you.” A very informative video.

“Put aside your differences and find the common denominator within your sacred culture,” Mr. Roche urges. “We have the capacity to stand for ourselves against an onslaught that is unprecedented in the history of the world,” he says, “but we must arise.”

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