In this video by ‘Suidlanders Media’ we see how Eskom and thus the electricity supply in South Africa is on the verge of collapse and the consequences are both dramatic and frightening. Simon Roche shares the facts of what will happen and it’s very possible, should there be a total Eskom blackout. Roche describes how and why there will be an immediate food and water shortage and how quickly diseases like cholera will spread. It’s a wake up call and highlights, like in Venezuela, the destruction of the socialist communist mindset of the ANC government.

The facts revealed in the video are scary and South Africans are warned to be prepared. The pending disaster that seems inevitable because of the theft, misappropriation of funds, corruption, bribery, state capture, BEE, affirmative action and incompetence are the result of the ANC’s 25 years of rule!

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