In this video by ‘Suidlanders Media’, Simon Roche discusses the Suidlanders intelligence and information that they receive and how they deal with it. “After building large network of specialists in all parts and industries in South Africa we’ve come to be receivers of first hand reliable information concerning SA’s stability. This is how we handle this information. There is very good reason to believe that 2019 is going to be a difficult year”. Roche warns of serious and pending issues in the country during 2019.

Roche explains this is not a game and he emplores people not to underestimate what is unfolding in South Africa and how much trouble the country is in. “Things in South Africa are far worse than they appear”.

South Africa Today – South Africa Media

‘The situation in SA’: Interview with Simon Roche from Suidlanders

SA: Simon Roche of Suidlanders addresses the European Parliament

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