The much awaited video “Farmlands” has been released. This documentary compiled by Lauren Southern who visited South Africa and did a number of articles on the atrocities perpetrated against whites and in particular white farmers in South Africa is a must watch. Lauren who did a complete and thorough investigation into the pending race war and the violence fueled by the ANC government and its EFF puppets covers the political turmoil, missing government funds, widespread corruption and gruesome murders perpetrated on farms and against the white minority in general. She covers the left wing, mainstream media and SA governments denial of the existence of these atrocities. Laurens report is a complete detailed historical account and puts the crisis into perspective.

Lauren, who has come under a lot of criticism for her reports lays out the facts and looks at all aspects of the South African situation, the land issue and the brutal farm attacks and farm murders. She exposes the truth of the violence spreading across the country and the deteriorating economy as a result of ANC black governments racist policies, theft, corruption and destruction of civilised structures.

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