A video by ‘Russia Insight’ shows how almost 15,000 descendants of South Africa’s white colonists are thinking of moving to Russia. They are ready to make a contribution to the farming development of the South of Russia, to invest their money in the Russian economy, and give English lessons. At the first stage, about 30 families are going to migrate. A delegation of ‘Boers’ arrived in Stavropol with a proposal to open a migration channel. Whites and farmers in particular are under attack from a communist lead government in South Africa who’s sole intention is to take over the land ‘Stalin’ style. The country is already in economic turmoil and with the proposed land theft by the government the cycle of destruction and the creation of another ‘failed state’ will have materialised.

“It’s got to a point where politicians are stirring up a wave of violence” Said one of the farmers. The video gives a good overview of the plans and reasons for leaving South Africa and the scene seems to be set for a functional transition into a non barbaric functional farming area in Russia.

South Africa Today – South Africa Media