In this very powerful video produced by Sinéad McCarthy for ‘F-ZOG’. The actual reality of South Africa is put in perspective and is a much watch. It puts the black leaders marxist rubbish propaganda and the mainstream media’s biased reporting in its place. Most people aren’t even aware what is going on and how White Men, Women and Children are being targeted for rape and murder in huge numbers, as it never makes the news. I wonder why? Yet there is a full blown epidemic of murder of White South African Farmers, who are being murdered for no reason other than the fact that they are White. Their houses are vandalised with phrases such as “kill the boer” or “we’re coming for you Whitey”, and other derogatory things. You will NEVER see this in the news papers.

You will only know about it if you have a mind of your own and are aware of what is happening around you or if you are directly connected to one of the victims. There are cases where entire families including Grandparents going down to the Grandchildren are ambushed, held hostage at gunpoint in their own homes while the mothers and daughters are raped, before they are all brutally murdered.

In one case, they tied up the husband and made him watch as they raped his wife and daughter. They then taunted them before fleeing the property saying they were coming back in a few days to murder them. In another case, they broke into the home of an elderly women and her friend, tied them up, boiled the kettle and then poured the boiling water over their backs. In many of these cases, bible verses and crucifixes and other Xian crap have been left behind at the scene by the murderers, covered in blood. Go figure. This is exactly where xianity belongs. A murder scene.

This has included people as old as 95 and young as 6 months! Babies have been stabbed to death. This should make front page news, but it doesn’t even make the papers at all.

I remember way back in lectures for Criminal Investigation we were asked to come forward with topics we felt were important and should receive high priority focus by law enforcement. A number of us brought up the murder of White Farmers which is steadily getting worse. We were very quickly shut down.

The next week, they brought in a team of these marxist bleeding hearts and other idiots to give us a speech about “White Racism” and why it’s racist to talk about the epidemic of Murder of White Farmers, how it’s actually not that important of an issue, why we shouldn’t be concerned about it and how those who promote awareness about this issue are “Neo-Nazis” as they called it. They interjected their little speech with images of the Swastika, the old, pre-apartheid era South African Flag and such. You can see how they were attempting to frighten people away from the subject.

So that is how much law enforcement here cares about White lives. It is the same all over the world. Its racist to care about White Lives.

South Africa Today – South Africa Media