How To Start Your Own Adult Website Business

How To Start Your Own Adult Website Business
How To Start Your Own Adult Website Business. Image source: Supplied

There are many ways you could go about increasing your income. You can start your own blog, write an ebook, sell merchandise, or even become a YouTuber. However, in this article, you will find out how to start a porn site business to earn some extra cash on the side.

Why Start An Adult Website Business?

Porn is a very popular pastime. In fact, PornHub had 962 searches per second in 2018, making a total of 30.3 billion searches for the year. Remember, that’s just PornHub. You can now imagine the total amount of visitors adult sites can garner. The potential to earn money is surprisingly high.

Still, you shouldn’t do it blindly and without any thought put into it. Actually, you must invest a little time to do research and find a specific porn niche to base your site around. Then you should think about what makes your website different from others. The more specific your site’s content, the more likely you will gather a dedicated user base that will regularly visit.

How To Start Your Own Adult Website?

Nowadays, you can make an excellent website for less than $100 without any coding skills. In fact, you can say the same for adult websites, and the process is pretty straightforward. There are five steps you will have to go through to start your adult site and earn money with it:

    1. Choose a niche
    2. Decide on a domain name
    3. Find an adult web hosting company
    4. Think of a Content Management System
    5. Monetize

Choose a Niche

The first step is arguably the most important one. The niche you choose will, to some degree, determine your overall profitability. If you decide to go for a more competitive niche like amateur blonde, it will be much harder to earn a decent income. You should avoid overused themes like:

  • Amateur blonde
  • Hot teens
  • Big tits
  • Latina
  • Step-sister

Of course, you can try if you’re that eager, but it will be harder. Thus, you should go for a more specific niche that has less competition. You could use PornHub’s insights blog to get some ideas on what to avoid, and what you could use. Generally, you should aim for topics that have more than two words like:

  • Outdoor POV threesome
  • School uniform MILF
  • Thai girls deepthroat
  • Stuck girl getting fucked
  • Amateur cosplay couples

When you brainstorm ideas, think of what you would like to watch. After all, it’s likely you will spend a lot of time managing your site. Hence, it shouldn’t be something you can’t enjoy. Furthermore, the content on your website should always reflect the niche you’re targeting. If you cover more than one topic, make sure to separate them into different sections.

Decide on a Domain Name

After you pick a niche to base your site around, think of a domain name that’s simple, easy to remember, and related to the content. Below you can find some example domain names to get a better idea.

  • HotMoviesForHer – targeted at women
  • SeeMyGF – 100% amateur porn
  • BigMouthfuls – Cum in mouth, swallowing
  • CamCrush – live girls on camera
  • AsianSexDiary – only Asian performers

As you can see, the domain name of any of these websites tells you what kind of porn you will find. Plus, they’re pretty easy to remember. Furthermore, you will notice the sites don’t stray from the main topic.

Find an Adult Web Hosting Company

You must get an adult web hosting service. If you go for a normal one, they will likely shut down your website. The average hosting firm usually doesn’t allow adult themes like porn, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, drugs, and so on. Thus, you should opt for an adult host that specializes in these topics. Often, they will have specific advice and tips to make it easier for you.

Think of a Content Management System (CMS)

You have a lot of options to choose from for a content management system. You could pick a CMS like WordPress, which will make it much easier for you to find and use adult or porn themes. Why should you use an existing template? Because you won’t have to start from scratch.

Actually, a theme will usually have all the necessary features needed to make a great adult website. Hence, you could focus on personalization and content curation to satisfy your audience.

If you’d rather not use WordPress, you can use clone scripts for sites like Xvideos theme or a PornHub clone. A clone script is a replica of an existing website. Meaning, it has the same design and features, sometimes even with some improvements. A clone will also come with its own admin panel to manage content. If you’re looking to set up a tube site quickly, these scripts will be of immense help.


There are a couple of methods you could use to monetize your adult site. Depending on the type of site – tube, blog, adult toys, forum – you can use different monetization schemes. Remember, you don’t have to use only one method; you could combine different ones to maximize your earnings.

Furthermore, you could also make sure you’re serving ads related to your niche. However, it can get quite tricky to find the right ad network.

Banner Ads and Pop-Up Ads

Ads are the easiest way you could monetize your site, although they earn you the least amount of money. Nevertheless, you should aim to set them up first. There are a lot of different ad networks you can use, and below you will find some of them.

  • Exoclick
  • JuicyAds
  • Clickaine
  • TrafficStars
  • HilltopAds

Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs usually offer a higher return. Basically, every time someone clicks on an ad and signs up for a free account or makes a purchase, you get a commission. It’s highly recommended you implement this method because it has a very high earning potential. Some great affiliates are:

  • CrakRevenue
  • ClickDealer
  • AdxXx
  • Cpamatica
  • AdCombo

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

Cost per acquisition also has great profit potential. Actually, the payout model is very similar, and often people confuse it with affiliate programs. The main difference is that with CPA, you can get a commission for a broader range of actions users can make.

Someone could click on a button, watch a video for a specified amount of time, or take any other action that has value to the ad publisher. The best ad networks to use for this model are:

  • CrakRevenue
  • AWEmpire
  • Adsterra
  • Evoleads
  • Globalfastads

Revenue Share (RevShare)

Revenue share is the best monetization model you can use. Let’s create a scenario for you to understand better. A user goes to another site through an ad you served. Then, they make a purchase on that site. Because they came from an ad on your website, you get a percentage of the money that the user spent.

Plus, It doesn’t matter when the person spends money. It could happen today, tomorrow, or even in a few years, you will still get paid a percentage. Some great RevShare programs you can use are:

  • CrackRevenue
  • Chaturbate
  • JuicyAds
  • AWEmpire


A membership program is best if you’re serving genuinely unique content. If you can create your own content, you should absolutely use this monetization scheme. After all, if your audience is paying for exclusive access, they are entitled to exclusive content they can’t find anywhere else. Keep in mind; you might need a membership management plugin like CCBill or something similar.

Selling Merchandise

Finally, selling your own merchandise is also a viable profit earning method. However, it’s also essential you take into account your niche; make sure your merch is relevant to it. You could sell sex toys, t-shirts, cups, posters, and whatever else you can think of that references your content. This one will take a bit more imagination to get right, but it will be absolutely worth it.


You are now equipped with the knowledge to make your own adult website and monetize it. To recap, you should find a niche that’s not too competitive. Then, pick a domain name and find an adult hosting company. After that, decide on a content management system and a theme to use. Finally, monetize your website with a combination of the monetization methods described above to start earning money.

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