Between Heaven and Hell – The True Story of Whites in South Africa

Between Heaven and Hell - The True Story of Whites in South Africa

Since 1994, South Africa has regressed to third world status. This is a video about the loss of dignity of the white minority who face oppression and humiliation in the new South Africa.

A historical look at how South Africa has progressed since the arrival of Jan Van Riebeeck, how the British waged war against the Boers. How apartheid ended at the hands of communist terrorists. Finally, how after 20 years of majority rule how the whites are facing genocide.

The picture illustrates the horrors of terrorist acts against the apartheid regime, the killing of innocent people before Mandela became the first democratic president. Follow the rise of Jacob Zuma and the intense corruption that is crippling the nation. It is the story of affirmative action that forced whites out of work and into poverty, and the horrendous murders against farmers. There is the police force, mainly black majority who are corrupt and do nothing to stop crime, corruption, and violence. Observe how the police ignore calls from the white minority in distress. Let us not forget that white students who are attacked just for attending university as the #FeesMustFall protests continue and the majority continue to burn down the educational institutions.

How white squatters camps are overcrowded, and children suffer. When people are told how the whites are forced to live in white squatter camps that are overcrowded, they are told they DESERVE IT or MUST LEAVE. Poor white people who do not have enough money to buy a loaf of bread let alone a plane ticket. Watch how the little children suffer. It is estimated that there are 80 white squatter camps in Pretoria alone.

The world has fallen silent on the genocide of the whites and so the minority is forced to rot away without food, shelter and water. The world has turned its back on the white minority and the genocide that continues to eliminate all whites. There is a media black out when the minority call for help.

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