Why you should compare your odds of winning the PowerBall

Why you should compare your odds of winning the PowerBall
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For the PowerBall in South Africa as well as the US PowerBall

More and more South Africans don’t just play national lotteries any more, they are placing their bets on international lotteries as well. They are trying ways to increase their luck of winning the big jackpot, no matter where the money comes from.

One of the biggest known lotteries in the world is the US PowerBall. We have compared a few things between the US PowerBall and the SA Powerball.

With 19 more main numbers to choose from and 6 more bonus numbers to choose from, there is a notable increase in number combination possibilities for the US PowerBall. With so many combinations, your US PowerBall odds of winning the jackpot, is decreased by almost 86% in comparison with your chance of winning the SA PowerBall.

But with so many number combinations, your chances of winning any prize increases with almost 43% with the US PowerBall in comparison with the PowerBall in South Africa.

From this information we can come to the conclusion that you have a better chance of winning the jackpot on home ground, but if you don’t aim that high, you can try your luck and maybe your number selection will be the lucky 1 out of 25 that will at least win you something.

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