Top 21 Gambling movies revealed

Top 21 Gambling movies revealed
Top 21 Gambling movies revealed. Image source: Pixabay

Gambling movies, over the years, have proved to have a substantial draw to them for many people, often because this forms much more of an interesting plot, especially if there is an intriguing main protagonist involved.

It often comes as a surprise to people that are so many movies that have a gambling element to them, though a number of these have existed for decades and many are regarded as ‘timeless classics’.

Following a comprehensive study though, data presented by provides evidence using accurate consumer information of the top 21 gambilng related movies that exist today, where you will find the results of the study in its entirety!

How were the top 21 gambling movies worked out?

While it would be easy to suggest what the top 21 gambling movies are purely based on one person’s opinion, there was actually a considerable amount of research as well as a precise method that went into this study.

Taking and analysing data from two credible sources which score them based on individual reviews across a number of variables, an overall percentage was then worked out from both of these sources, for the same movie.

It then meant that the top 21 gambling movies could be more accurately defined and scored which yielded some potentially surprising results. The oldest of these movies was ‘Mr Lucky’, made in 1943 which came in at second place with a score of 86 percent.

Given the global status, it might not come as a surprise that Casino Royale (James Bond) came in at first place, scoring 87 percent, despite this being one of the newest movies in the study having hit the screens in 2006.

What notable other gambling movies made the top 21?

Throughout the list, you will find a number of gambling flicks that you are bound to recognise that have still had a good amount of success. Coming in at 21st place ironically is the film ‘21’ which was released in 2008. This hit the headlines at the time due to the fact that it was based on a true story about a group of MIT students and professors who were trained in the area of statistical probability and as a result, card counting which enabled them to effectively ‘beat the casinos, which they did in a number of Las Vegas resorts’. Despite starring Kevin Spacey, this only scored a rating of 51.50 percent.

Comedy The Hangover, starring Bradley Cooper, came in at 13th with a rating of 77.50 percent, while ‘Ocean’s 11’ (part of the Bourne franchise) ranked in eighth with 80 percent, and ‘Casino’ crept into fifth with 80.50 percent; respectable to say this was released in 1995.

Any surprising absentees?

While there are many different gambling movies, not all could make the top 21, however the list does have some which many might be surprised did not make it. While contentious, it could be argued that ‘What Happens in Vegas’ does have somewhat have a loose gambling element to it and as such, was not ranked in the top 21, while some people may be surprised not to see ‘The Godfather’ in there; again though, this could well be viewed as contentious.

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