The Rugby betting tips and guide you need to read

The Rugby betting tips and guide you need to read
The Rugby betting tips and guide you need to read. Image source: Pixabay

Have you tried out rugby yet? A tough sport, it does have a significant fan base, and why not?

Originating in Warwickshire England, rugby is now famous wold wide. In the 19th century, it was one of the versions of football played in English schools.

Behind the exciting world of the actual sport, there is also a big industry in Rugby betting. Here is the thing – while rugby betting can seem quite confusing, you don’t really have to worry about it. All you need to do is focus on the basics.

The Top Tips to Help You Get Started With Rugby Betting

Eager to get started on Betway the easy way? Here are some tips and guides you can follow to get success.

  1. Know what’s Rugby Union and Rugby League.

Not every rugby league or tournament is the same. Understand the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League.

  • Rugby Union

This match is played by 15 players lining up on each competing side and it consists of two halves of 40 minutes. The goal is to accumulate points through various means that are worth different points each. The defender’s goal on the other hand, is to tackle players and bring them to the ground.

  • Rugby League

With only 13 players, this match also lasts for two halves of 40 minutes each and the end goal is to outscore the other team by scoring tries, conversions, penalties, and one point drop goals. The catch is that there is a time limit on possession. There are also other limitations which makes a league different from a Union such as the number of tackles before handing over a possession.

  1. Which Type Of Betting Do You Want?

Secondly, there are three types of betting in Rugby. Here is a look at each of them.

  • The ‘Win’ Bet

Want to try your hands on Betway? This type of betting is straight forward where bettors will bet on the winning team and backing the odds of the bookmaker. This decision can be made by analysing the teams who are going up against each other.

  • Handicap betting

Widely used in football and tennis, handicap betting lets you place a negative handicap that will increase the odds without compromising winning chances.

  • Totals

In a ‘Totals’ bet, wages are placed on the total scores of the match. Bookmakers usually determine a figure for bettors to place their bets and whether it will exceed or fall below this number. Odds are usually favourable, but it could also be very hard to predict scores.

As with any betting game, it is wise to learn to walk away when you have used up all your allocated funds as it might cause a very quick downfall should you ‘try to win back your money’. On the other hand, winning a game doesn’t mean you will have the same fate at the next match. It is wise to analyse each match before placing your bets.

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