Pharaoh Facts You Must Know

Pharaoh Facts You Must Know
Pharaoh Facts You Must Know

Egypt’s history remains captivating to this day. Many people still find ancient Egyptians somewhat mysterious as we don’t understand how they had come across all the knowledge they’ve had. Many of the things they’ve left behind are still vague like mummification, medicine, and the ever-lasting colors. Not to mention that there’s probably a lot of other unknown facts that we still don’t know about. However, here are some facts that might interest you about the Pharaohs.

Gender Neutral

Ancient Egyptians referred to their king as “Pharaoh.” This word means “great house” which referred to his palace. They were used to having a king rule all the time, except when Queen Hatshepsut claimed the throne and was known as the second female Pharaoh to rule Egypt.

Gods on Earth

Everyone believed that all the Pharaohs represented the god Horus, who was the god of the sky. When they died, they embodied Osiris, the god of the underworld. Which is why only these kings and queens were the only ones allowed to give offerings to the gods.


Ancient Egyptians used symbolism in their everyday lives; history has recorded and explained symbols such as the snake, beetle, eye of Horus, evil eye and so much more. We currently use the key of life and the evil eye in our accessories. We also see these symbols everywhere in our culture as it has influenced many things like advertisements or even games; Pharaohs Fortune currently available on Kerching, is one of many games that have these symbols and shows how they were used. There are many games that use these ancient symbols to add flair to the atmosphere as you play.

Pharaohs used Makeup

Beauty was considered to be holy, so, naturally, all the kings wore makeup, especially that they are presenting their god on earth. They used black kohl around the eye area to reduce the light reflection; they also drew the kohl around their eyes in a certain way that represented the god Horus.

Fake Beards

The ancient Egyptians were very keen about being clean all the time, so they obviously couldn’t tolerate having hair grow out of their faces. So, how’s it possible that they are always depicted with beards? They wanted to imitate how the god Osiris looks, so they wore synthetic beards all the time.

Curse of the Pharaohs

It’s believed that whoever disturbs King Tutankhamun’s tomb will be afflicted by the ancient curse; it supposedly brings sickness, bad luck, and death to whoever is cursed. It’s there to warn anyone who dares step foot in that tomb. Some people believe in its power, while others think there’s a scientific reason behind it. But some think it’s only a cultural thing.

The first civilization has offered the world so much and left it with a rich history and a lot of questions. We are all familiar with Giza’s pyramids and the temples they have left behind. Our knowledge will always be somewhat shallow when compared to what their lives were actually like, yet we try our best to understand. However, some of the known facts will surely fascinate you.