Is it possible to win from a bookmaker?

Is it possible to win from a bookmaker?
Is it possible to win from a bookmaker? Image source: Pixabay

Betting with a bookmaker on a sporting event is both fun and an additional way of making money. But in order to make it a regular income, it is important to find out if there are ways of outplaying the bookmakers. It is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Of course, companies do not want to work at a loss, so each bookmaker develops its own schemes to ensure that as many players as possible lose.

Bonus programs with complicated wagering conditions are being launched, there are betting limits, reduced odds, and many other pitfalls that make it impossible to win consistently. Nevertheless, sport predictions today are hugely popular among professional bettors and newcomers alike.

Operating principles of bookmakers’ offices

When it comes to betting on sports, only a couple of percent out of a hundred bettors stay in the black for a long time, and about five percent win occasionally. In order to become a successful bettor, it is necessary to learn at the beginning of the gaming activity how the betting companies operate, and how they cooperate with their clients.

Bookmaker’s offices are divided into two types: international and legal. The first ones have a target audience in different countries. A minimum of personal information is required to register there. Legal ones are officially registered as a legal entity in a certain country, have a license, and pay taxes to the state budget. In such an office, the player is insured against non-payment of winnings.

The basic principle of all bookmakers is to put in quotes based on a percentage of the likely outcome, taking into account the margin on each bet. The odds are adjusted so that the office always profits. The gamblers simply choose the most probable outcome for themselves. And if their bet works, they get their winnings. If not, it goes to the bookmaker’s profits.

Making money on sports betting is quite possible, but very few people manage to bring it to the level of a regular income. And the problem is not the lack of information, but the fact that most understand and misinterpret it due to a poor practical skill set and misuse of modern software and services. And players who are successful in betting don’t want to waste time training newcomers. They use it to their own advantage and make smart bets.

Things to consider when playing the game

One cannot become a professional bettor just by enjoying sports. Even having a favorite team doesn’t give one a chance. On the contrary, it negatively affects the objectivity and correctness of the prediction. In the world of betting, it is important to realize that not every bet will be a winning one. Losses happen quite often, so in order to play the game correctly and stay in the black, the losses should always be offset by the winnings received, and ideally, the pot should be regularly increased. Keeping in mind simple but important factors, it is possible to learn how to bet and win. These include:

  • Correct perception. The main aim of every bookmaker is to make a profit; they cannot work at a loss. After all, then there is no point in opening such a business. The players have a similar desire. Therefore, at the beginning of the gambling career, it is necessary to develop an adequate perception not only of the bookmakers but also of the betting. A smart approach to gambling has certain advantages: one can take control of one’s own emotions and not make unreasonable bets for large amounts; one’s own experience and acquired analysis and forecasting skills will become the basis for betting.
  • Bank management. For beginners, there is a certain rule that is to stick to betting small amounts of money, so that in case of loss there will be no serious problems. It is not advisable to bet double the amount, both after winning and after losing.
  • Low margin betting. Margin is the bookmaker’s guaranteed income, which is built into every sports bet. Its level can vary between 0.3 and 10 percent. This percentage is initially included in the odds, which accordingly affects all the odds offered. As a rule, the more popular the tournament is, the lower the percentage the company takes from each bet.
  • The timing of the betting. This is a fairly significant factor that affects results. The point is self-control, which is very important for bettors. It is better to place a bet in the morning and before lunch. Everyone knows that the best working capacity and perception of information fall on this period of time, and in the evening the attention and concentration decreases. For live betting, this is not a good time, because tournaments are mainly held in the evening. In such a situation, try to have a good rest and do not lose concentration. At first glance, it seems to be an insignificant moment, but as practice shows, it greatly affects the result.
  • Studying the information. If one does not work closely and painstakingly with information in the world of betting, one would not even dream of having a regular income. Professional bettors work with large amounts of information: processing lots of data, gleaning information from insiders, comparing facts, considering even the tiniest things.

By sticking to the basic principles of the game, taking the time to develop themselves, and learning the basics of betting, any player can learn how to beat the bookmakers. But this requires desire, time, some knowledge, and the competent use of existing additional programs and services.