Best Way to Play Slots and Make Profits

Best Way to Play Slots and Make Profits
Best Way to Play Slots and Make Profits. Image source: Pixabay

Modern slots are brilliant and now include a touch of entertainment that relates directly to the theme and features of the game. Therefore, there’s no question as to why these games remain the most popular and why most players register a casino account with some online establishment just to play slots.

However, it’s not just the entertainment side of these games that remain so attractive, it’s also the winning opportunities they present. As we all know, there are massive progressive jackpots up for grabs at just about any South African online casino, but the games themselves also include combination opportunities that reward mind-blowing amounts even when you play at minimum bets.

So, what is the best possible way to play slots and get the very best winnings? Well, it would be to simply count on luck as the best winnings would depend on when you play the game and whether or not like it is on your side. However, there are a few things you can do to stay ahead of the game and maximize your profits and losses.

This means instead of trying to aim for the biggest winnings, we will show you a way to make the most long-term profits and released losses. To begin, we will look at slots that provide higher payout percentages along with a simple strategy that tells you when to stay or leave the game you are playing.

Find High Paying Slots

When we talk about high paying slots, we don’t mean games with the highest possible rewards, but rather those that offer the highest return to player percentages, which means the house edge is lower, increasing your opportunity to win.

To find these games, visit the promotions page at the casino and heat through to the terms and conditions. In this information, you will find a table that explains game contribution percentages and you will find the majority of slots cover 100% while table games and other forms of casino games would contribute a lot less. This is the cause they are a higher risk to the casino as players stand a better chance of winning.

Among the table games and other casino games, you will also find a list of slots that are either excluded from wagering or only contributes a small percentage. These are the games you would want to play for better winning opportunities as they are a higher risk to the casino.

Manage your Winnings

Managing your winnings is ever more important than finding games with higher payout percentages as this will tell you when to leave the game or when it is worth playing. Most new slots are based on medium volatility, which means the risk isn’t too high or low and you would be able to activate winnings on a fairly regular basis.

When you play these games, working out the betting value per spin adds a bet per line of your choice. Then, calculate the total amount that 25 to 30 spins would cost and deduct the amount from your total account balance before you enter the game.

This will be used as your exit limits, which means once you reach this value in your account you would need to leave the game and return at a later stage. Of course, you can go play other games in the meantime and use the same strategy.

Undoubtedly, the goal of these 30 spins would need to activate winning combinations, which had money to your account. Each time you activate a combination that is equal to or greater than your total betting amount per spin, you would increase the exit limit. If the game is paying out well, it won’t take long before your exit limit is higher than the amount you began with.