How to Travel to South Africa Like a Pro


Plenty of sunshine, gorgeous beaches, amazing wildlife, outdoor adventures, and a surprisingly sophisticated food and wine scene are just some of the reasons why so many globetrotters pick South Africa as one of their top places to visit.

Through the years, South Africa has since moved on from the shadow of its history by continuously improving especially as a travel destination. So, if you are considering a holiday in this naturally blessed nation, research, research, and research.

On top of that, heed the advice of travel pros on how to tour the country safely and in a thoroughly organized way. Listed below are seven valuable pieces of advice on traveling around South Africa.

1. Inform your loved ones about your itinerary and the details of your accommodations.

You want to be prepared for emergencies and this is one of the best ways for that. Should anything happen to you — say, you lose your passport during a moment of distraction or forget your accommodation details, you can easily call trusted people to help you out. They can provide you the information you need and even assist you with the reports that you need to make about the loss of your travel documents.

2. Keep your phone secure and “powered.”

When traveling in South Africa, your phone will prove to be the most important device to have, so keep it safe. Purchase a carrier or case for your mobile phone that will allow you to keep it on your person.

A lanyard with a case that will allow you to “wear” your phone is always a great idea because you can keep your phone under your shirt to keep it out of other people’s sight. Plus, when you use the phone, you can avoid the risk of leaving the device anywhere and forgetting all about it because it is always hanging from your neck.

Do keep your phone properly charged while you are traveling. It’s not enough that it’s fully charged before you go on an adventure, bring a fully charged power bank with you as well. This will allow you to recharge the device while you are on-the-go so you can take pictures of the Wild Coast, the animals of Kruger National Park, and post them right away on Instagram.

3. Always look for the safest routes.

Just like visiting any other country, you would do well to plan what routes to take while exploring South Africa. For your peace of mind and safety, be sure to do a little research on the best routes to take when going from your hotel to a tourist destination.

Also, download the local cab company apps. This way, if you ever experience getting lost, you can easily call a transportation service to “rescue” you and get your tour on track. Just make sure that your phone has a reliable Internet roaming service that will allow you to use the app anytime.

4. Purchase tickets to popular tourist destinations online.

Most popular tourist attractions in South Africa have websites wherein you can purchase tickets online at, sometimes, even discounted prices. Another advantage of doing this is it may actually provide you with the opportunity to skip the queues. You can save a lot of time and a bit of money in the process.

Use your trusty phone’s Internet service to book tickets to tourist spots and even to place an online hotel reservation while you are on the road.

5. Protect your skin.

Wear a hat and a long-sleeved shirt, sunglasses, and have a small stick of sunscreen with you at all times. It can get hot as blazes during the day and your skin will get baked easily.

Also, invest in some insect repellent patches. When it’s hot and you get incredibly sweaty, all kinds of little insects will likely gravitate to you. Avoid getting bitten and the possibility of getting sick from insect bites by keeping those little biters and fliers away from you.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip

Wherever you may be traveling, it pays to always be alert in your surroundings, and ensure your belongings are secure.

If you ever do find yourself still out after the sun has set, do not worry because Uber is actually quite affordable in South Africa. Just call for one to bring you back to your hotel safe and sound.

South Africa is certainly an interesting and beautiful country to visit. The key here is to be a smart and savvy traveler so you’ll be sure to have an incredible time exploring this fascinating nation.

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