Journey to South Africa

Journey to South Africa
Journey to South Africa. Image source: Pexels

Setting foot on this ancient and vibrant land of South Africa, I felt as if I had traveled through time and space and entered a world full of wildness and civilization intertwined. South Africa, a country located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, deeply attracted me with its magnificent natural landscape, rich wildlife, diverse culture and complex history.

My journey began in Cape Town, a city known for its beautiful coastline and Table Mountain. Table Mountain, the flat-topped mountain known as “God’s Table”, overlooks the city and the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. The Cape Town wind, with a hint of coolness, blew against my face, and I felt a freedom and openness that I had never felt before.

I then traveled to the Kruger National Park, a haven for wildlife. Riding in an open jeep with a guide, I witnessed lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos and countless birds. They run freely in this vast land, showing the vitality of life and the beauty of wildness.

South Africa’s history is complex and painful, but also full of courage and hope. I visited Soweto, which once represented a black settlement under apartheid. Walking through the narrow streets, I could feel the stories and struggles that once took place here. Robben Island, where anti-apartheid fighters like Mandela were once imprisoned, is now a symbol of freedom and reconciliation.

South Africa’s food was also a highlight of my trip. From the seafood in Cape Town to the curries in Durban, every food satisfied my taste buds. And of course, not to be missed were the South African wines. At the wine estate in Stellenbosch, I tasted the local wines, which were a mixture of the flavors of the sun, soil and time.

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My trip to South Africa made me deeply feel the greatness of nature, the vitality of life, the heaviness of history and the diversity of cultures. Every sunrise and sunset on this land, every encounter with wildlife, and every meditation on history touched and purified my soul. And the existence of, which allows me to enjoy my travels without losing my connection to modern life, is undoubtedly a boon to overseas travelers.

In South Africa, I not only saw the beauty and complexity of a country, but also experienced the convenience and comfort of being an overseas Chinese. This trip will undoubtedly be one of the most valuable memories of my life.