Most Romantic Destinations of the World

Most Romantic Destinations of the World
Most Romantic Destinations of the World

Venice is one of the popular romantic destinations in the world. Honeymoon in Venice is a very special way to celebrate the occasion in a place that is romantic in its own way. The mesmerizing beauty of the city with its elegant architectural work attracts a number of couples from different places. The intricate network of the canals may be experienced with a ride of gondola. This would take you and your partner to a surreal world. A walk around the city with your partner is something you may also try out. The charming café, the charm and warmth of the place is what it takes to turn your honeymoon into a memorable experience.

You may also visit museums and other attractions to witness and explore the grandeur of the place. The city can be enjoyed in every possible way. A visit during the Venice Carnival would take you into a different world. You would find people dressed in colorful mask and attire roaming in the city. The stunning acrobats, jugglers and magicians during the carnival add more to the ambience of the occasion. Although at this time of the year the city is crowded. Neverheless, if you and your partner do not mind this then a trip during the carnival is always welcome. This would be a complete different and new experience. A visit during the month of May and June is also ideal as the crowd would be less. During the off season the hotels charges are also on the lower side.

Places to visit in Venice
Venice has a number of attractions for couples. Some of the place one may visit on a trip to this city of Italy are:

Grand Canal- It is one of the beautiful places to visit in Venice. Also called Canal Grande, the place is always buzzing with water taxis, vaporetti, gondolas and barges. The place is also surrounded by elegant buildings dating back to many centuries.

The Doge’s Palace -The place was the epicenter of political operations in Venice during the period of Venetian Republic. From Palace of Justice to home of Doge the palace played many crucible roles in the history of Venice. The palace is in Piazza San Marco. It is marked by élan gothic architecture and seems to be rising out of water. The palace dates back to 9th century and has white and pink marbles to add more to its beauty. It was modified around 14 and 15th century.

Basilica of San Marco – Saint Mark’s Cathedral: The structure is a blend of Gothic, Roman and Venetian architecture. The place is marked with domes, columns and marvelous art work. Pala d’Oro, also called Golden Pall, is another attraction to see during a visit to this place. It is an altarpiece studded with pearls, rubies, topaz, garnet, sapphires, agate, and amethysts.

The other places to visit are Verona, Island of Murano, Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, Islands of the Lagoon: Burano, Museo Del Merletto, and Ca ‘Rezzonico Museo Del Settecento Veneziano.

Accommodation in Venice
Different types of accommodations are available in Venice. From luxury hotels to bed & breakfast inns, the city has a number of options you may avail. The hotels have the necessary facilities to make the stay hassle free. Honeymoon in Venice is not only special because of the stunning city but also for the services offered in these hotels to make the moment a cherished one. The elegantly decorated rooms create a romantic ambience that would make this trip a very special one. The hotels are also located in some of the beautiful places of Venice like St. Louis. Mark’s Square, Grand Canal and Fondamenta Nuove, thus providing a spectacular view. The hotels also serve some of the best cuisines. The Bed & Breakfast inns are also another great alternative to stay with your partner. Some of the Venetian hotels are:

Hotel San Moisè
Molino Stucky Hilton
Hotel Vecellio
Hotel Cipriani
Hotel Adriatico
Hotel La Residenza
Hotel La Forcola
Villa Berghinz Bed & Breakfast
Antico Fiore Bed & Breakfast
B & B Dream Bed & Breakfast

Honeymoon packages in Venice
Many tour operators also arrange special packages for Honeymoon in Venice. These packages are of 3-5 days that may be extended. The packages include local sightseeing, accommodation, private transfer to airport from hotel, daily breakfast, one dinner and other services depending on the package. Some of the packages also provide facilities like welcoming the couple with a glass of wine, chocolates and roses are also placed in the room. Many hotels provide these packages as a part of their wedding package. The cost normally varies according to the facilities offered, accommodation and also depends on the duration of the stay.

Things to do in Venice
In case visiting a museum or a historic palace in not in your list then head for the streets of Venice. The city is compact and you will not find difficulty in navigating through the cobblestone pathway. The traffic is low because providing you the chance to go for a leisure walk. You may also sit at one of the cafés and enjoy each others company over a cup of coffee and watching people go by. The city has a lot to offer on this special trip of yours. A gondola trip is one of the best romantic things to do in romantic Venice. With the gondola cruising down the canals you and your company would be exploring the city in a unique way. The trip would take you into a romantic world that is hard to experience in other romantic destinations. A visit to the Rialto market is also something you may try with your partner. The colorful exhibitions of fruits and vegetables create a stunning image. One may also feed the birds in St. Louis. Marks Square or visit shops that sells collectible and souvenirs reflecting the heritage and culture of the city. Visit a mask shop and buy some of the popular Venetian masks. These masks form an integral part of the Venetian Carnival. You mat also gift your partner with some of the special gifts from the city like Murano glass jewelry and Venetian glass jewelry. You may also try the cuisine of Venice. The food in Venice is worth trying and especially with your partner.

Best time to visit Venice
One may visit Venice during May-June and also on September. The weather is pleasant and the crowd is small, so giving one a perfect time to share those precious moments.

Traveling in Venice
Venice may be reached through the city by bus, train, tram, or by plane. The convenient way of reaching Venice is either by boat or by train. Within Venice one may avail the service of taxi, gondola, and also vaporetti (water buses).

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