An Ultimate Guide to Tour Solo in Italy

An Ultimate Guide to Tour Solo in Italy
An Ultimate Guide to Tour Solo in Italy

Italy is among the most popular and iconic destinations in Europe. It is home to fabulous wine, picturesque landscapes, hundreds of ancient ruins, and incredible food. So it shouldn’t surprise you that the country is among the sought-after tour destinations globally.

From the history of Florence, romantic canals in Venice, and amazing Cinque Terre to vineyards in Tuscany and ancient streets of Rome, the Italy tour leaves no stone unturned.

Whether you’re a luxe honeymooner wanting to spend money or a budget backpacker, you can have a great experience in Italy, but of course, with the help of the below tricks:

1. Book a Flight

As with many popular destinations, a flight to Italy can be costly, especially at certain times of the year. The best way to get the best deal is to play around with the dates of your trip to Italy. If you must travel in summer because of your children, consider touring over the holiday break.

Choosing the right airport can also affect the price of your flights. If you’re touring from Pakistan to Italy, PIA flight booking would be best. One important trick when booking affordable flights is to always be flexible when choosing which airline to arrive and leave from.

2. Beware of Extra Charges

Among the first things to note when going to Italy are annoying and strange customs. In most touristy places, cafes usually apply different prices, whether you are sitting at the table or having something over the counter.

People taking their first trip to Italy are not aware of these extra charges, which often result in unpleasant surprises.

By law, cafes need to display the costs of sitting at the table and the counter. If you can’t see the display, it’s advisable to request a menu to know the right prices.

3. Carry Cash

Credit cards are widely allowed at tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants. However, not everyone accepts credit cards, particularly for small purchases, such as souvenirs or coffee.

To avoid some inconveniences, carry cash where you go, especially if you want gelato. This will also be convenient when going to a public loo.

4. Eat Like Italians

Whether you are tucking into a wood-fired pizza in Naples pizzeria or a hearty farmhouse fair in the Tuscan agriturismo, dining out is among the greatest joys in Italy.

In addition, there is no shortage of restaurants or eateries, with everything from wine bars, pizzerias, and cafes to neighborhood trattorias.
Generally, Italians eat late. So if you’re looking to fit in, be sure to stop by for dinner at around 9 pm and lunch at 1.40 pm. Full Italian meals comprise:

  • Risotto or pasta
  • Antipasto
  • Meat or fish
  • Dessert

5. Break Language Barrier

Although some individuals speak English, it’s unusual, and you should expect it. In fact, you may find that signage is written in Italian.
Before leaving for the trip, consider downloading an app, such as Duolingo to learn several Italian phrases. It’s also advisable to buy a local sim card to enable you to use Google Map.

6. Pack Properly

The very last thing you may want to do is lagging heavy suitcases up a thousand stairs or over the cobblestones of the Italian city.

Consider packing less as you can always do shopping while in the country. When packing, put the weather into consideration.

However, the temperature is steadily hot during the summer months and cold in winter, so prepare for flux when coming to Italy in spring or autumn.

7. Be Wary of Pickpockets

This can be obvious, but what is not is how to know and spot pickpockets. They are that great, so always keep your bags zipped and keep an eye on all your personal things while in the crowd, even when you see them.

Plus, they are experts and can strike when individuals least expect. They may squeeze in easily and reach their sticky fingers to your bag even when buying things in stores.

Closing Remarks!

There are many good reasons to tour Italy, the most common ones being long stretches of amazing sandy beaches and inspiring museums. Although many countries in Europe may provide all these things as well, Italian remains worth a visit because of its uniqueness and the popular motto of ‘ll dolce far niente.’

So whether it’s your 1st or 20th time to visit Italy, always be wary of pickpockets, carry cash with you, dine like Italians, and book your flight early.