How to Plan Your Adventure In Egypt ‘Complete Guide’

How to Plan Your Adventure In Egypt 'Complete Guide'
How to Plan Your Adventure In Egypt 'Complete Guide'

Egypt is considered to be the home to some of the oldest civilization and historical monuments in the world which worthy to experience.

The Giza pyramids, Valley of the Kings and temples & tombs of Luxor are all breathtaking and only the start of many ancient wonders. However, do not forget the majestic desert safaris to the western desert, to camp under the magical stars in the White deserts.

In this article, we provide you with how to plan your adventure in Egypt by clarifying the best adventure place in Egypt and when a suitable time to do that, continue to read.

Best Places in Egypt for Adventure:

Here are several options for the various places who are looking for enthusiasts to adventure.

1- Discover The Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx.

We will ride the time machine to take you on a trip to the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, those landmarks that considered one of the highlights landmarks of the ancient Pharaohs civilization and which are still maintaining their status until today, and even increase day by day.

It is the ancient monuments that attracted the attention of millions and even billions of tourists who coming to Egypt to see them. The pyramids of Giza were one of the seven wonders of the world for a long time and did not decrease their status, but increased more and more.

During your visit to the area of ​​the Pyramids of Giza, you will be able to know more about the great pyramid founded by King Khufu which date back to the year 2650 BC. This pyramid was used to be buried cemetery for King Khufu and his family.

You can visit the ship of Khufu or the famous Sun Boat, which was discovered in 1954 by archaeologist Kamal Al-Malakh, and then you can head to the pyramid of Khafra, which is 5 minutes’ walk from the Great Pyramid on foot.

Then followed by the Pyramid of the “Menkaure” which is located at the end of the plateau, and the pyramid visit is available from 8 am to 5 pm. After that, you can head to the myth Sphinx which is a monumental and legendary statue established to protect the pyramids.

It is one of the largest statues on the face of the earth. It is 20 meters long and 73 meters wide. It is famous for its body, which is the body of the lion and face of a human. The sphinx is symbolized to power and reason.

2- Explore Best Cairo Sights

Cairo city has many iconic sights you should visit when you plan your adventure in Egypt. In Cairo, you can visit the Egyptian museum and the treasure of King Tutankhamun and thousands of artifacts.

Cairo city also has the oldest Churches in the world like the Hanging church. Also, Cairo has many Islamic landmarks such ad the Alabaster Mosque of Muhammed Ali and Alazhar Mosque and the majestic Khan Elkhalili Bazaar also you can take a dinner cruise at Nile view restaurant.

3- Cast Your Eyes at The Biggest Open-Air Museum in the World

Luxor the city of thousands of gates or Thebes as called, it was the capital of ancient Egypt during the golden era of the Egypt new kingdom which ruled by great Pharaohs in the ancient time.

It one of the best place to visit in Egypt.  Luxor has one-third of the monuments of the world, the best places to explore in Luxor such as the royal tombs of the ancient pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings, the famous tomb in the valley is King Tutankhamun tomb.

There ate more monuments located in the east bank of Luxor such as Hatshepsut temple which was built to commemorate the achievements of the great Queen Hatshepsut.

Also, you can visit the massive Colossi of Memnon which founded by King Amenhotep III to guard its mortuary temple. Leave the east and heat to the west to visit the biggest temple in the world “Karnak Temple” which actually contains many temples inside. It has the largest Hypostyle halls in the world and wonderful inscriptions on its wall and many Obelisks.

4- Witness What Aswan Has to Offer

Aswan, a city located on the Nile River. It contains considerable archaeological sites like the Philae temple complex, Aswan High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk and the majestic temple of Abu Simbel.

Aswan landmarks are worthy to explore when deciding to book one of Egypt tour packages, so don’t miss the chance and discover the beauty of Aswan during your trip to Egypt.

5- Enjoy The Adventure At The White Desert & Egypt Oases

Explore the best Egyptian desert which all the travelers who like the desert adventures Egypt have an amazing dessert that dominates about 2/3 of the Egyptian distance the Western Desert and the Eastern Desert.

The white desert originally was a great ocean and dried then the wind formed the white chalk into amazing shapes of animals and birds, Mushrooms, etc. The White Desert of Egypt distinguished by its tranquility and serenity that makes it one of the amazing destination for desert camping and Safari in Egypt.

Egypt has quite a number of oases, and the natural landscape of the oases is filled with warm sulfuric water, which can be cured of rheumatic diseases, and is frequented by visitors of safaris and nomadic singers. To enjoy and see the natural and tourist attractions.

The best oases in Egypt that you can visit is Bahariya, Dakhla, Kharga, Baris oases.

6- Enjoy The Relaxation at The Red Sea

Resorts such as Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt are among the most visited by tourists, due to the abundance of coral reefs, white beaches, and sunshine, making it a destination for divers and sun-lovers.

Also, Hurghada has considered one of the best diving spots on the Red Sea include the rubble of an amazing old ship and coral gardens. The beaches are 20 km away for good destinations for tourists; hotels, restaurants, and markets. The beaches of Marsa Alam are other examples of beaches in the Red Sea.

7- Discover Egypt By A Nile Cruise

There is nothing wonderful to spend a magical Egypt Nile cruise on the back of a floating hotel in the Nile, from Luxor to Aswan or the opposite, where the warm sun of the South and watching the effects of the first civilization in history make you feel proud that you are true when deciding to spend your vacation in Egypt.