Know Before You Go: Famous Facts about Costa Rica

What if you get to know the facts about a destination that catapults your traveling experience? It is time to visit Latin America and get acquainted with something more beyond the regular beaches and blue skies. Famous facts about Costa Rica, you will probably hear in the rarest of times.

Interacting with hot-blooded people, centering your soul on a yoga mat at some beach, walking past the mysteries of caves, or cascading every bit of your existence over the beauty of the diverse flora- the only sad thing about this experience is going to be your return ticket. The treasure trove of Latin America and a stunner in Central American region – This is Costa Rica for you. If marketing and sales experts were ever asked to pen down the aesthetics that a potential travel destination must have, Costa Rica might be the only thought invading their minds.

This rich coast personifying flamboyance has come a long way from being just a backpacker’s game to becoming a well-known travel destination in the world. Sustainable luxury travelling and gradual economic growth are two of the main factors supporting this. However, there is more to this than what catches the eye. So, if you are planning to visit Costa Rica in near future, then keep everything aside and get set to know 4 famous facts about Costa Rica, which will change the way you experience this place:

1. Sheer Opulence: Papagayo Peninsula

If you think you are in Costs Rica so you can only cruise to places, then you definitely need a gentle pat on your shoulders for a reality check. Papagayo Peninsula, an 11 mile haven encapsulating sustainable luxury retreats and natural abundance, is slowly becoming a rage amongst travelers seeking to have luxury vacations during anytime of the year. This place has everything – beaches, sustainable luxury stays, and parks for adventure sports. At a slight detour from Papagayo Peninsula, is Playas del Coco, a dreamy beach that is sadly one of the lesser-known areas offering a myriad of adventure activities, like scuba diving, horse riding, hiking, and trekking. Is this enough to pull one’s attention?

Papagayo Peninsula has world-class luxury hotels, one of the popular being Planet Hollywood that throws special theme parties for guest travelers, a lot of pool parties and fun. Who needs mediocrity in life, when you have the best at an affordable price and accessibility?

2. Learn the Pure Ways of Life: A Study

According to some significant findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Costa Ricans and especially the middle-class and the poor, live longer than their counterparts living in the USA. The study delivers a narrative of the kind of lifestyle, food, and health & wellness awareness people contain in their lives. This boils down to a term you will hear everywhere in Costa Rica and that is Pure Vida, which means pure life. The foundational concept of Pure Vida is saying hello to each other, pass on a smile and end your day with positivity. There is never a negative connotation associated.

People might just turn it down by calling it a marketing banter but this is why the mortality rate is surprisingly better. So, if you are a fit traveler or someone who seeks to have a health vacation, you will be surprised to see a number of Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica that have gained a lot of popularity in last couple of years. The Yoga & meditation sessions are based on the concept of Pure Life, where people receive the greatest preaching on simple living and practicing humility.

3. Fly like a ‘Butterfly’

It is possibly a show time for people who are unaware that Costa Rica celebrates the existence of over 1200 species of butterflies. If the data are to be believed, then this beach destination has about 18% of the world’s species, which is quite of a display of art in itself. Regardless of what part of Costa Rica you are currently in or plan to go, you will get to see at least 3 species of butterflies hovering around flowers and uplifting the quotient of the surrounding. For instance, the Blue Morpho Butterfly, which is also the world’s largest butterfly, is actually seen in Costa Rica and nowhere else on this planet.

The Pacific, as well as the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, is a highlighted part of this beautiful destination that sets the stage for enjoying the biodiversity. You can find a number of national parks and butterfly observatories where you can just sit at one place and watch Nature taking over the stress in your life.

4. The Spanish Sway

Costa Rica means part of the USA and this is where people stumble upon their minor ignorance. In reality and as per the census data, Costa Rica has over 90% of its cultural influence and people coming from Spain. This clearly means that you will get to see a lot of Spanish influence on the architecture, language, communities, and obviously the food. You have an element of excitement to your travel plan as it would be wonderful to know a country from two different standpoints. For instance, Costa Rica has two languages, English and Costa Rican Spanish and so are the people who are divided into several communities. They celebrate their own festivals, enjoy different cuisines, and basically have differently hued rose-tinted glasses to see the world. So, when in Costa Rica, you can call a man by his name or just shout out him as Muchacho, which means boy in Costa Rican Spanish.

So, you feel dumbstruck or awestruck? Doesn’t matter, as Costa Rica will satiate all your desires and questions.