A More Relaxed Way To Travel: Rio De Janeiro Trip By AMW Holidays Worldwide

A More Relaxed Way To Travel: Rio De Janeiro Trip By AMW Holidays Worldwide
A More Relaxed Way To Travel: Rio De Janeiro Trip By AMW Holidays Worldwide. Image source: Supplied

Sometime in November last year, I decided to visit Rio De Janeiro. The sentimental journey that took me two sisters and of course, the AMW Holidays Worldwide Group to make happen. The 1-hour delay of our flight from Johannesburg was caused by some congestion at the OR Tambo International Airport. I figured the delay was a clear indication of heavy tourists and business travellers. 

I had heard that many people visit and stay in Brazil for weeks, even months. For me, I was even more excited about the fact that it was not during carnival. I looked forward to this. Fast forward to our arrival, I savoured a late dinner of native dishes, before finally arriving at the inn. The room assigned to me, a Junior Suite, was well-appointed and big enough for a family of three. When I woke up at 7 a.m. the next day, the beautiful view of the sea prompted me to a brisk walk. I decided to take a walk by the beach to cool and get my mind ready for the day.

Walking to and from the beach took about an hour; by that time, I was ready for a breakfast of fruits, veggie salad, chicken noodle soup, bread and steamed fish… belch. I was not sure if it was the food or the sea breeze, but soon I was back to bed for a snooze.

Around past 1 p.m., AMW Holidays Worldwide Group office called to make sure we had lunch. Three and half hours later, it was time for cocktails, a prelude to the formal dinner. I settled for San Mig Light, although the waiter also persuaded me to try the champagne which was fruity tasty. I had that too. Besides this was a detoxing trip. 

In the meantime, I felt like I had the luxury of time because nothing required my attention except for the beauty of the city. In my excitement, I had completely forgotten I had a book launch I had promised to go to that same afternoon. It didn’t matter that I had written it down in my appointment book and the calendar of events in my cell phone; in that state of guiltless oblivion, I had thoroughly enjoyed myself.

And so I enjoyed the rest of the stay in Brazil. The memorable hikes up the Sugar Loaf Mountains, site seeing at the Statue of Christ Redeemer, the spectacular Iguazu Falls, the beautiful people and the resourceful travel agent all helped to make my travel as memorable as it became. 

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