Local MTB Racing Team proudly offers guided MTB tours of Stellenbosch!

Local MTB Racing Team proudly offers guided MTB tours of Stellenbosch
Jacques Potgieter, Dr Hannes Brummer, Chris Norton and Sandiso Xetu

The members of the Stellenbosch based Fairtree Cannondale Racing Team do not believe in being idle. When they are not training or racing, a few of the members double up as mountain biking (MTB) tour guides in the picturesque City of Oaks!

A fun initiative that was started by the owners of the Stellenbosch based Casa Cerveza Restaurant, Chris Norton (Manager of the Fairtree Cannondale Racing Team) and Stephen Brown of Fairtree Capital, the Guided MTB Tours start and finish at the restaurant that is open seven days a week from 7:30am to 11pm.

“The idea behind the guided tours was two-fold,” says Norton. “Stellenbosch is a sporting mecca that is rich in history and beauty. What better way to actively share this with the outside world than on the bike! Secondly our guides all ride for the Fairtree Cannondale Racing Team. The goal was to create an occupation where they could use their skill while being outdoors doing what they love. With the explosion of eco-tourism, being MTB guides seemed the natural choice. The guys have incredible stories to tell, they love mountain biking, they love Stellenbosch, and they love welcoming visitors and showing them our incredible trails.”

“The guided MTB tours have been great both for Stellenbosch and our riders,” continues Norton. “Being an MTB Guide has given the riders purpose and direction. It’s a job that they love doing and this reflects in the reviews that we receive from clients. All our guides are registered with Western Cape Tourism and are passionate, energetic and fun characters. They have all ridden the Cape Epic and not only can they offer a rider a great experience, but they can also give great advice as far as mountain biking is concerned.”

“We are incredibly proud of the strong and thriving mountain biking culture in our warm-hearted town,” says Jeanneret Momberg, CEO of Visit Stellenbosch. “Most importantly, these mountain biking tours bring revenue first and foremost to the guides as well as supporting many businesses in Stellenbosch. For example, last week they hosted a group from Investec for four days.”

“A big thank you to Chris and the MTB Tour Guides for a superb four days in Stellenbosch,” says Ross Davies from Investec. “Everyone has raved about it – the riding, trails, scenery, food, entertainment, guides, absolutely everything. I know it’s what they do, but it felt like a ‘personalized tour’. We were very well looked after. We will see you again soon for more fun and laughter.”

Fairtree Cannondale Racing Team members Luyanda Thobigunya (25) and Sandiso Xetu (28) are two of Casa Cerveza’s MTB Tour Guides.

“Not only does being a guide give us an income, but we love showing tourists our amazing trails,” says Thobigunya. “We are also able to teach our clients how to become better riders.”

“People love the tours with us,” says Xetu. “They get to hear about our Xhosa backgrounds and our upbringing which is unique. They also get to hear about all the races we have done and the fact that we have competed against the best.”

Guided MTB Tours Review: https://ashleystri.wordpress.com/2021/05/25/mtb-stellenbosch-south-africa-with-chris-and-team-from-casas/
More about the Fairtree Cannondale Racing Team: https://sportindustryawards.co.za/tag/cannondale/

Contact: (021) 023 – 0346
Email: [email protected]
Visit: http://www.casacerveza.co.za/pages/mountain-bike-tours

Please Note:
• Bookings are not to exceed 15 riders at a time.
• Guests can bring their own bikes, or bikes can be rented from Casa Cerveza.

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Instagram: @casacerveza_stellenbosch / @fairtreeracingteam

For more information on MTB Tours offered by Casa Cerveza and the Fairtree Cannondale Racing Team please email [email protected]




MTB Tours offered by Casa Cerveza
MTB Tours offered by Casa Cerveza