7 Rules Every UFC Fan Should Follow While Attending the Event


Many sporting channels broadcast the MMA event live. Nevertheless, there is nothing like watching it at UFC’s live event. You can get all the information you want by reading through the UFC news. However, there are a few rules you need to follow if you are going to attend this event.

Rule #1 – No Drinking Allowed

It may not be a good idea to get drunk at a sporting event like MMA. If you are not in control you might pick up a fight with the wrong guy and even get arrested if he lights you up. Also, when you spend big bucks on your ticket, you want to enjoy the fight in your complete senses.

Rule #2 – No Moving To and From Your Seat unless it is Between Rounds

Unless it is inevitable, you need to make sure you don’t move around your seat too much and end up irritating the people who are seated in your section. There are high chances of you getting into a fight if this is happening in the middle of a crucial round.

Rule #3 – No Yelling Profanities

UFC is a sport that is to be respected. There are people who are working hard to get there. Yelling profanities, booing, or even hissing at them will make you appear as a person without knowledge or sense.

Rule #4 – No Fighting

The event at UFC is all about fighting; but you are only the audience here. You are not supposed to start a fight even if you have taken your boxing classes. Even if the opponent looks like an unassuming guy, he might have some serious skills that might be too much for you to handle.

Rule #5 – No Stalking Fighters

If you are an avid fan of UFC, it is quite obvious that you respect and even adore the fighters there. But leave it to that. Don’t try stalking them if you ever run into them. At the most you can shake hands with them and ask them if they are fine taking a picture with you. If you are lucky your request might get honored.

Rule # 6 – You don’t have to dress like the fighter

Make sure you wear what you are comfortable in. Just because the guy you are seeing is wearing a super-tight t-shirt with glitter-lace, it doesn’t mean you have to copy him. He would have spent a lot of days working on that bench press.

Rule #7 – Keep your voice low

It might get tempting to scream in excitement when your favorite fighter is winning. But such reactions can seem quite disturbing to the people around you. Stay as calm as possible and talk in a low voice, if need be.

It might be great fun to go watch the UFC live event at the venue. You might also want to take some of your friends or family members.  Make sure you keep in mind the above rules. Also make sure the people, who are accompanying you, follow them strictly.

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