Entries closing soon: Ride2Nowhere gears up for 10th birthday bash


Beat the clock and enter this year’s Ride2Nowhere, which will be a special one as the popular event celebrates its 10th birthday in McGregor, Western Cape, from September 11 to 12.

Organisers R2N Events promise a festive feel combined with great camaraderie and urge all to enter by August 15.

Participants will be able to take advantage of the amazing trails, stunning views, tranquillity, and hospitality that this small town offers.

Riders will also explore a remote region of the area by getting access to routes and trails one would not on any other day.

The riding is typical “Karoo” – more rugged and technical than many of the other more groomed trails out there.

Andrew Norman has been part of the event as a rider for seven years, and says his first experience was simply “wow”.

“The uniqueness of a multistage event being hosted in a Hamlet village like this just makes it so special.

“Look forward to great trails, single track, views, flowers, and wildlife.

“You’ll see I haven’t mentioned the climbs – if a tortoise goes past you, it’s not an issue because this is a ride, not a race, and the village will be there when you get back,” said Norman.

This year’s edition has changed from a three- to a two-day ride, but riders will still have the opportunity to ride in the “Die Galg Road2Nowhere Gravel Challenge”.

This challenge is to the top of “Die Galg Mountain” which is the end of the road to nowhere, 21km from town (42km total for the out and back ride).

Participants can start anytime between 12pm and 2pm on September 10, departing from the McGregor Dutch Reformed Church Grounds.

Once entered, riders will be invited to a Strava club to upload their result and a winner will be selected (entry fee is R150).

As the flagship event of the weekend, the Ride2Nowhere offers a long route known as the McClassic (around 70km per day) and a short route known as the McLite (around 50km per day).

The long route is a good challenge for racing snakes, but still doable for weekend warriors. It offers big views and rewards all around.

The short route is still proper, and remains a good challenge, but is just not that far.

McGregor Young Warriors founder and Ride2Nowhere regular Max Menzies is keen to form part of the celebrations this year.

“Ride2Nowhere is a super chilled family event and has survived 10 years, which is quite an achievement as our industry is changing a lot now.”

There is something for the trail runners as well, with the Run2Nowhere offering routes that have had runners come back year after year.

The trail run offers three distance options over the two days: McEasy (around 10km per day), McClassic (around 20km per day), and McBrave (around 30km per day).

With a run-ride entry option available (run Saturday and ride Sunday) you can choose to experience the best of both celebrations by tackling the trails on foot and bike.

Entry fee for this option is R2 050.

The event is known for its festive and relaxed atmosphere, and organisers welcome family and friends to be part of the weekend.

“It’s so family-centric and a great getaway for riders and their families. There’s so much to do and great places to eat,” said Norman.

“Due to Ride2Nowhere and the exposure it gave us to McGregor, we now live here.

“I’ll be back for more fun, excitement, and personal challenges – with my family in tow,” said Norman.

General and entry information

Ride2Nowhere: www.ride2nowhere.co.za
Run2Nowhere: www.run2nowhere.co.za

Ride2Nowhere: www.entryninja.com/events/76552-ride2nowhere-2021
Run2Nowhere: www.entryninja.com/events/76553-run2nowhere-2021
Run-Ride: www.entryninja.com/events/76564-r2n-run-ride -experience-2021

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