Howzat?! Junior T20 league get’s kids back on the pitch

The new season is underway for the Diamond KZN Big Bash Junior league and it is clear that after months and months of excess screen time and lounging around in front of the TV, kids are thrilled to be back on the field with their friends and team mates.

Gerrit de Bruyn, Co-Owner and Founder of Diamond KZN Big Bash Junior League says that he started the social league four years ago to create a platform for junior cricketers to hone in on their skill in a ‘no-pressure’, fun environment. He says, “There is so much pressure to perform at school and club level that the boys often forget why they love this incredible game. Our league offers the bowlers the opportunity to find their ‘inner batsman’ and batsman the opportunity to take the shots they wouldn’t usually risk.”

Stuart Watt, de Bruyn’s Partner and Co-Owner says that whilst the league is based on a T20 format, they have a couple of cheeky rules that make game all-the-more fun and interesting. “There are eight players per team and no extra balls for wide’s (instead the batsman is awarded 2 runs). This makes for a faster game that compels bowlers to concentrate on their line.” He adds that the 11th over is known as the ‘Big Bash over’ where all runs are doubled. “There are also four flags positioned on the boundary and if the ball is hit through the flags their runs are doubled as well.”

Even though the season has already kicked off, de Bruyn and Watt say that they are still accepting entries. “All clubs and schools are welcome to put a team in and we will find a spot for the parents who want their boy to join, but don’t have a team.”

Games are played every Sunday at different fields in Durban, Pinetown and Kloof for approximately 12 weeks and will conclude with Playoffs, Semi-Finals, Finals and a prizegiving. De Bruyn adds that the children’s safety is their Number One concern and parents can be assured that all COVID protocols are strictly adhered to at all times.

To enter a team or an individual, get in touch with Stuart Watt on 067 136 4915 or Gerrit de Bruyn on 074 222 6664.