Clicks: Racial altercation between two customers

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Clicks: Racial altercation between two customers

This nonsense is now going too far!

Clicks condemned racism after an incident which occured in a Pretoria branch on Friday. A black employee of the shop verbally abused and tried to attack a white customer claiming that the customer called her a “monkey”.

Update from Clicks Grove in Pretoria. Please note that the altercation was between customers. Clicks staff members were NOT involved. The person in blue in the video on social media was NOT a Clicks staff member.

That is, of course, completely false. It was confirmed that the customer asked for a “mandjie”, the Afrikaans word for “basket”.

Affirmative Action brought people into positions where they cannot serve a customer in an official language of their choice, and the racism obsessed society created by the ANC then allows for the white customer to be the victim.

Does it make any sense? Of course not.

Yet, Clicks is quick to issue a statement of condemnation!

This nonsense has to stop now. It is more than clear that we have two irreconcilable cultures here. We need to sort a way to co exist. This multiculturalism experiment is a failure. We have to re invent before the entire situation becomes totally out of control.

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