Ugandan girls forced to breastfeed dogs abroad: Minister

To stop human trafficking and abuse of Ugandans working abroad under conditions that border on modern-day slavery, government has issued new terms for labour export companies directing that they must be cleared by the police.

The December 2014 updated guidelines released by Gender ministry also require all companies to disclose names of the directors and provide evidence of business networks abroad. Giving context to the rules, Gender minister Mary Karooro Okurut said: “Our girls and women are made to breastfeed tortoises and dogs in the places where they rush to get high-paying jobs.”

The minister was addressing journalists in Bushenyi Town at the weekend.
“After leaving Uganda, these innocent young men and women are forced to surrender their passports and tickets. They become real slaves. Some are sodomised and threatened with death if they refuse to be used and it is an injustice,” she added.

There have been several complaints in parliament over the manner in which Ugandans working, especially in the Middle East and South East Asian countries, are sexually abused through forced prostitution…

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