United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's (MONUSCO) Chinese contingent donates assets valued at $US 7 million to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The People’s Republic of China’s Peacekeeping contingent with the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) transferred ownership of assets valued at $US 7.3 million to the Congolese government. An event marking the transfer of the assets was held today at the Chinese contingent’s camp on the outskirts of Bukavu, South Kivu Province. This handover took place in the context of MONUSCO’s disengagement from South Kivu, initiated in January 2024.

Since 2003, the Chinese contingent’s Engineer Company has supported the strengthening of the province’s infrastructure. Today’s transfer of 46 767 pieces of equipment including bulldozers, forklifts and dump trucks is intended to help authorities meet its construction and development needs. In addition, the hospital managed by the Chinese contingent in Bukavu donated 43 043 pieces of assets, including an ambulance, other vehicles and medical equipment. The total value of these donations is US $7,359,922.

The Government of the DRC has promised to use the assets for peace building and social development.

The Head of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO), Ms. Bintou Keita, welcomed the initiative and praised the generosity of Chinese authorities. “Over the years we have witnessed the critical importance of infrastructure in maintaining and building peace and security. This transfer of assets demonstrates the commitment of the People’s Republic of China to supporting peace consolidation and development efforts in the DRC. I reiterate my gratefulness to the Chinese Peacekeepers for their dedication and professionalism during the two decades of their deployment in South Kivu,” said Ms. Bintou Keita.

This transfer of assets comes two weeks after MONUSCO and DRC authorities paid tribute to China’s Blue Helmets in a high-profile ceremony.

Since its deployment to South Kivu more than 20 years ago, the Chinese contingent has implemented a series of important engineering projects which have helped improve access and mobility in the province. These include the completion of over 580 engineering projects, the repair of 1,800 kilometres of roads (over the years, the same area of road has at times needed maintenance), and the rehabilitation of over 80 bridges, and the construction of 20 helipads.

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