Woman conceives after 13 failed IVFs

The repeated failure did not stop Joelle from becoming a mother

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Wednesday 20 March 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

Longing to be a mother, Joelle Nasr tried in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle 13 times, each leaving her heart-broken and shattered with no positive results. However, determined to be a parent, Joel did not lose hope and continued her battle with infertility, only to be blessed with twins at Fakih IVF Fertility Center.

Blissfully married for 13 years, Nasr- a physical educator who loved children felt heartbroken when she couldn’t have one of her own. Her battle with infertility started in 2005 when she first realized that she was unable to conceive naturally. Her first IVF was successful but resulted in a miscarriage after 16 weeks. After that, it was only downhill for the next 12 years.

“I work as a physical educator in a school and I love kids, all my summer and winter breaks were spent in Fertility Centers, trying to have children of my own, traveling back and forth between UAE and Lebanon with nothing more than negative results every time,” explained Mrs. Nasr.

When everything seemed to fall apart, Nasr travelled to USA to seek treatment at one of the best fertility centres’ the country is host to. Here again she was faced with disappointment causing her to lose hope about the prospects of being a mother. Yet, she wasn’t ready on giving up. In 2017 Joelle consulted expert fertility specialists at Fakih IVF Fertility Center. The doctors at Fakih IVF conducted a Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and concluded that the eggs retrieved had abnormalities and this was the reason for most of her IVF failures.

“When our doctors realised that there were seven eggs with abnormalities, we decided to choose only the normal eggs for her cycle. We attained permission from the Ministry of Health (MOH) to freeze her embryos, as rules were different at that point of time. On receiving the approval, Joelle’s embryos were frozen and what followed next was a miracle,” said Dr Michael Fakih, Medical Director of Fakih IVF Fertility Center.

Experts at Fakih IVF Fertility Center kept her under vigilant observation, until she recovered. In 2017 after all the suffering Mrs. Nasr was a mother to twin baby boys named – Joud and Taim Nasr, both healthy at birth.

“Joelle’s story is a true inspiration for all mothers who’ve given up hope to be one. On this important occasion of Mother’s Day, I’d personally like to encourage all women to believe in the power of medical science, which if applied accurately can change their lives forever,” concluded Dr Michael Fakih.

In an endeavour to encourage women to experience motherhood, Fakih IVF Fertility Center Dubai offers patients 50 percent discount on fertility packages this Mother’s Day. Some of the most important things covered will includes consultation, ultrasound, AMH test and semen analysis, as well as a free consultation for new patients on their first visit through the month of March.

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