Venezuelan FM Declares Ex-Mexican President Fox Quesada Persona Non Grata


MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – On Sunday, around 98 percent of the Venezuelans voted against calling the national Constituent Assembly by the initiative of President Nicolas Maduro. Around 7.2 million people participated in the vote. According to media reports, Fox Quesada had traveled to Venezuela as part of a group of former Latin American presidents to demonstrate their support for the vote.

“As a foreign minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, I declare Mr. Vicente Fox persona non grata, he had abused the hospitality of our people offending it. Mr. Fox came to Venezuela after being paid to promote violence and interference of foreign states,” Moncada wrote on Twitter.

The Venezuelan minister of foreign affairs added that Fox Quesada had already left Venezuela and would not be able to visit the country again.

“As a preemptive measure for the protection of our people, Mr. Fox will not ever be able to come back to Venezuela,” Moncada added.

On Sunday, the Mexican Foreign Ministry supported in a statement the oppositional referendum in Venezuela. In the document, Mexico expressed hope that the vote’s results would be taken into account by both the Venezuelan government and opposition to allow for the reestablishment of the democratic order in the country.

While the Venezuelan National Election council considers the opposition’s referendum non-binding as only the legislative authorities have the right to call the nationwide vote, the opposition forces claim that under constitution they have a right to carry out the consultancy vote.

The election to the Constituent Assembly is scheduled for June 30. The authority is to be in charge of reforming the constitution prompting protests of the opposition forces.

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