Warsaw's Concerns Over Alleged Russian Threat Are Senseless – Polish Ex-PM


“I believe that Russia will intervene in none of NATO states. None of NATO countries is threatened by aggression on behalf of Russia, as aggression with regard to at least Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or Poland means a war with entire NATO and, subsequently, World War III. Nobody will go for it, neither in Moscow nor in Washington or Brussels,” Miller said.

He recalled that there were even no arguments that Russia could use as a pretext for Poland’s invasion.

“There are no territorial disputes between Poland and Russia. In Poland, there is no Russian minority, which Russia would like to support. Poland has nothing, in terms of natural resources, that Russia would not have. And why would Russia attack Poland?” Miller argued.

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According to the politician, relations between Moscow and Warsaw cannot be improved without an impulse given at the highest level, noting, however, that there were no signs of change.

“The situation is very bad. The last event that should have been organized a few years ago — the year of Russian culture in Poland and the year of Polish culture in Russia — has not taken place. So we can say that the relations have been put on hold… Without some impulse at the highest level in Poland as well as in Russia nothing will change as the Polish policy is based on anti-Russian sentiment,” the former Prime Minister indicated.

He added that the anti-Russian sentiment tacitly became a part of Poland’s official state doctrine, which brought the relations with Moscow to the current low point.

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The issue of an alleged military threat from Russia has recently gained momentum in Poland. In this regard, Poland decided to sharply increase the number of Polish servicemen and proposed to allocate up to $2 million for the deployment of a US armored division on its territory.

Moscow has repeatedly stressed that the country would never attack any of the NATO countries. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stated that NATO was well aware of the fact that Russia did not intend to attack NATO countries and used the issue as a pretext for increasing its military presence near the Russian borders.

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