Ukrainian Conflict Used to Polarize Europe – EU Lawmaker


MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The Ukrainian conflict is being used to tear Europe apart and Europeans should realize that any global war would go through Europe, Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, a member of the European parliament, told Sputnik.

“Ukraine today is a weapon which some warmongers use to polarize Europe, I think… If the war really broke out… it would go through Europe… We have to return to the negotiation table,” Schaffhauser said.

Schaffhauser, the member of French National Front party, also said that he was worried about Minsk agreements on ceasefire in eastern Ukraine and urged for them to be fulfilled.

The member of the European Parliament also noted that nobody could stop him from visiting Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko met President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani and asked him to ensure that members of the European Parliament would not visit the territories that Ukraine considers occupied.

Kiev launched a military operation in the east of Ukraine in 2014, after local residents refused to recognize the new government that recently came to power. The ceasefire agreement was reached in Minsk in 2015, brokered by the leaders of the so-called Normandy Four group, comprising leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine, but the situation has remained tense.

Crimea rejoined Russia as a result of a referendum in 2014, which has not been recognized by Ukraine and a number of Western countries. Under Ukrainian laws, the country’s authorities may ban entry for foreigners who visited post-referendum Crimea without a permit from Kiev.

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