Police Brutality During Paris Protests: Independent Journalist Hit by Policemen


French-Dutch independent reporter Alexis Kraland, a leftist sympathizer has been making video-testimonies of the law enforcement services assaulting protesters and covering  events from his own point of view. At demonstration after demonstration he has been violently hit by riot policemen.

In an interview with L’Obs, where Kraland, describes himself as a “committed journalist”, he explains why he’s “chosen to show the counter-position by marching on the side of the demonstrators.”


On Tuesday, he was severely beaten by the police while he was shooting clashes between protesters against Macron’s labor reform and the law enforcement services.

Gangs of rioters threw stones and smoke grenades at law enforcement officers in central Paris where a mass protest against the French president’s new labor initiative took place. Police responded with tear gas in an effort to disperse the young men wearing black clothes chanting insulting slogans.

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