Latvian Military Urges Citizens to Not Spread Misinformation About NATO Soldiers


RIGA (Sputnik) — Latvia’s National Armed Forces (NBS) called on the country’s citizens to refrain from disseminating inaccurate information about NATO servicemen deployed in the republic.

On Thursday, Kristine Liepina, a Latvian national, wrote on her Facebook page that NATO soldiers deployed in Latvia lived in Riga’s best hotels rather than in barracks in Adazi as had been reported.

“Having read your post on Facebook, we urge you not to disseminate inaccurate information vilifying our allies that was taken from dubious sources, does not correspond to reality or have legal validation, in the public space in the future,” the NBS statement said.

The statement indicated that nearly 1,200 NATO servicemen had resided in a military base in Adazi since June, adding that the soldiers were not obliged to stay at the base at all times.

According to the NBS, the soldiers of the NATO battalion are maintained at the cost of NATO and Canada.

NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) battlegroup, led by Canada, was deployed in Latvia in June in order to deter potential enemies and ensure global stability. The battalion comprises servicemen from Albania, Canada, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. NATO eFP battlegroups have also been deployed in Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland.


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