‘Dead Terrorists Can’t Harm Us’ – UK Defense Secretary


Gavin Williamson declared that British jihadists in Syria and Iraq were jeopardizing the United Kingdom’s national security, and made it clear that there was no way the terrorists could return home: they would be “hunted down” and destroyed.

“A dead terrorist can’t cause any harm to Britain. I don’t believe that any terrorist, whether they come from this country or any other, should ever be allowed back into this country,” he told the Daily Mail.

According to the Telegraph, up to 300 jihadists left Britain to play crucial roles in their fight against the “infidels”, and were mainly placed in charge of group’s propaganda. In addition, about 1,000 Britons have travelled to the war zones to join ISIS and other terrorist groups. Half of those have reportedly returned to the UK, and an estimated 100 are thought to have been killed.

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British citizens are largely supportive of Williamson’s resolve; as evidenced on Twitter:

Earlier this year Max Hill QC, Britain’s terror watchdog, said that if teen jihadis returned home after their fight for Daesh, they should be “given space” by the security services to return to a normal life instead of being prosecuted. Hill’s statement sparked a wave of indignation within society.  

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