Boris Johnson: British People Did Not Vote for Colony Status



Ex-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson criticised the government’s Brexit policy on Tuesday, calling it “theatre” and once again stating that London had time to change its course on the matter in order to get a better deal with the bloc.

“We still have time to go for something better — a SuperCanada free trade deal that will allow the UK to benefit from brexit and actually respect the referendum. The future can be bright if only we change course now,” Johnson stated on Twitter.

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“We will be doomed to remain in the customs union and under Brussels’ regulatory control. People did not vote for colony status,” he added.

The politician’s statement comes after Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington announced that the Brexit deal was “almost within touching distance” and that it would be possible for London and Brussels to reach an agreement this week.

The latest deadline for a Brexit deal to be signed off, widely perceived practical, is during the last European Council meeting in December.


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