72 percent of ‘Refugees’ arriving in Europe are men

72 percent of ‘Refugees’  arriving in Europe are men

So far this year 400,000 “refugees” have arrived in Europe (with thousands more crossing each day) when compared to 200,000 during the whole of 2014.

  • 72% of “Refugees” are MEN
  • Only 15% are children
  • Only 13% are women

The percentage of men in the recent influx of Syrians is even shockingly bigger . In normal refugee situations the number is usually the opposite were the absolute majority are women and children while the men percentage is very low . it seems that in this case it’s the women and children that are staying behind fighting though while the men ‘flee for their lives’!

These stats are from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), The UN refugee agency.

So either the male/female ratio in the countries is so disproportionate or as mentioned we are witnessing a conquering invasion and the leaders are more than willing to welcome them.

Source – Generation Europa

South Africa Today – World News