Why Traveling Is a Good Investment in Your Kids


Description: Summer is slowly approaching, and we are beginning to make travel plans! Besides being super enjoyable, traveling has various benefits for us. Today we are going to focus specifically on the advantages of traveling with kids.

We all love summer. It is that time of the year when we feel super energized from the moment we wake up till evening. It’s sunny and warm, nature is fully awake, and we feel good about ourselves and the world. It is also a period when most of us are making plans for traveling with family.  Everybody is excited about this because we are going to places we have been dreaming about, getting a chance to taste other foods and so on. So we are choosing destinations, booking hotels, counting days until the moment comes.  

Overall traveling with kids, in couple, and even alone is super thrilling and fun. But it is more to it than just fun and adventure and especially for kids. Research shows that those kids who have a chance to travel have much more success in academic and personal life.

Now, if you are the parent of a baby or a young child, you have heard probably a lot of times so far that you shouldn’t travel until your child reaches a certain age. Even if there aren’t any medical or otherwise scientific reasons for something like that, those making these claims based their theories on the presumption that traveling is hard and can be traumatic for children.   

This is very far from the truth. Specialists from the Mayo clinic state that air travel with babies is perfectly safe. However, there are some things that you need to consider, they continue, before booking your flight, such as the age of a child. According to them, it is not recommended that you travel with a very young child. The main reason is that because they don’t have developed immune systems, young babies are very susceptible to different kinds of infections. However, there are other reasons, like problems with cardiovascular or respiratory system in which case you have to consult your pediatrician before flying

What you need to know is that traveling with kids has enormous benefits for a child. In this text, we are going to discuss some of them, and you will understand how sharing and enjoying these experiences together helps your kids develop in all aspects of their lives.  Additionally, you will learn a lot from your child during your trips. Let’s check out some known benefits of traveling with a kid. 

Benefits of Traveling with Kids 


Because we know the world we are living in, we are too often very focused on the child’s academic achievement. Of course, general knowledge is essential, and it’s good scores establish a path towards good schools and even better jobs. But, we must not forget that kids are learning in many other ways, not just by sitting in the classroom.  Likely, many of us don’t have the possibility of traveling the world at once. But we can go each year or each season to a different country even if it isn’t very far from the place where we live. This way, kids will gain tremendous knowledge about different countries, cultures, customs, food, and so on. They might even pick up on the language and develop a desire to learn more.  

Sense of Responsibility 

When you are traveling with kids, it is essential to include them ultimately. What we mean by this is that you don’t merely plan everything but include them in planning and organizing the trip. Also, let them pack their things even if it takes hours.  Whether you are traveling internationally or locally, to a hotel or a camping site, try to bring in new ideas and responsibilities to let them organize and lead.  

Improved Concentration

The thing is that whether you are on a road trip or traveling the world with kids, everything will be new, and a kid will be focused on the places you see and everything else. This will encourage her or him to ask you questions, and then they will want to be concentrated to hear the answers. 

Remember that if you are traveling by car, you need to be prepared that kids are super messy,  in this case, сar seat protector can help you maintain the tidiness of your vehicle.

Understanding the Difference

Since they haven’t been on the planet as long as we have kids have a harder time understanding that there are different people in the world. That’s why they tend to exhibit fear and distrust when they see someone who doesn’t look like the people around them – have different skin colors, or disability, etc.  As pointed out by Ciao Bambino traveling in general and especially traveling overseas can significantly change this situation. After spending some days in a country where people aren’t looking the same as you do, kids begin to understand better and to accept all the differences between us without the problem.


As you can see from everything that we mentioned, traveling with kids, has enormous benefits.  We discussed only some of them, but there are many other equally important. Are you traveling with your kids? What is the best place you visited? Where are you planning to go next?


About the Author

Betti Wilson is a freelance journalist and a single mom living in Washington. Betti loves to travel and has been traveling with her son since he was five months old. Their dream is to travel first around Europe and then, when they get a chance, around the world.  


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