Is travel insurance really necessary?

Is travel insurance really necessary?
Is travel insurance really necessary?

We are exposed to risks all the time, everywhere. While we take all measures to protect and secure our house, car and properties, we tend to forget that we are prone to risks even while travelling.

A travel insurance is an insurance that covers any damage expenses caused during travel. From baggage going missing to your wallet being stolen, the insurance covers a range of risks. To travel with a peace of mind, having a travel insurance is your go-to choice.

There are several risks involved in travelling if you are not careful. Some of the most common risks are:

  • You might have to cancel your trip unexpectedly – you might have planned your trip to the minutest details, but might have to cancel it due to some personal issues or other problems. Getting a refund on your tickets and so on might be difficult if you do not have an insurance.
  • The destination you are off to can be hit by a natural disaster – cyclones, floods, earthquakes, you never know what could happen when. In such cases, you might have to figure a way out and shell a little extra money out of your pocket to get back home. This is where your travel insurance comes into place.
  • There could be a sudden terrorist event at your destination
  • You could fall sick or get physically injured when you are travelling – travelers are prone to sickness due to weather changes, or a pre-existing flu in the region and could even be food poisoning.
  • Your luggage can get lost or stolen while travelling – this is a very common problem amongst many travelers. Most of them tend to forget or misplace their carry-on luggage at airports and other stops and have a difficult time getting it back and might have to spend more to regain the losses.
  • You could lose your passport while travelling – this is the riskiest thing that can happen to you. Your passport is your ticket to enter and exit from one country. Loss of passport can cause a lot of trouble for you. A travel insurance has clauses that will help you with the financial aspects of getting your passport.

While being cautious is the best way to prevent these mishaps from happening, we cannot always have control over everything that happens to us. Taking preventive measures is extremely important so that we don’t pay the costs for them later. While a lot of travelers take time to plan and execute their trip, they fail to pick up a good travel insurance.

The next time you are off to travel, don’t forget to purchase an overseas travel insurance for yourself. There are also group insurances that you can take if you are travelling with people. There are several limitations and exclusions that you need to be aware of before buying your insurances. Most importantly, it is important to note that while one travel insurance policy might work well for a particular company, it might not for the other. There are different travel insurances such as Schengen travel insurance, US travel insurance and so on.

Ensure you take a well informed decision when choosing your travel insurance.