Innovative new travel group set to empower South African entrepreneurs when it launches this month

Innovative new travel group set to empower South African entrepreneurs
Innovative new travel group set to empower South African entrepreneurs. Image source: Unsplash

By 2019, tourism had become one of the world’s major economic sectors, accounting for 7% of global trade and supporting one in 10 jobs worldwide*. The arrival of the pandemic put as many as 100 million direct tourism jobs at risk globally, creating a big need for innovative job creation in the travel sector.


According to Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO): “In a sector that employs 1 in 10 people globally, harnessing innovation and digitalisation, embracing local values, and creating decent jobs for all—especially for youth, women, and the most vulnerable groups in our societies—could be at the forefront of tourism’s recovery.”


Network marketing travel business, goORTUS, is just such an organisation. goORTUS has identified 2021 as the ideal time to launch its revolutionary digital travel platform which seeks to reignite the world of travel by putting the power into the hands of its ‘modern-day pioneers’ – or Founding Members.


“There really is no better time to launch goORTUS than now,” explained goORTUS co-founder, Craig Browne. “Covid-19 has reset the travel industry, providing newcomers with a fresh start to re-jump international tourism. Every single established travel organisation has been pulled back to zero. The pandemic has levelled the playing field and we now have an equal chance to launch the world back into travel.”


Browne said, from a job creation perspective, goORTUS is the ideal solution: “Hundreds of millions of jobs have been lost, and we now have a situation where people with a background in tourism are looking for a way to earn income. goORTUS is the chance to become an entrepreneur while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of travel. I truly believe there are two choices in life; go out and build your own dreams; or go out and someone will pay you to build theirs. We’re putting the power back in the people’s hands by saying start your own travel industry, earn your income and build your own dreams!”


The decision to launch in October 2021 also hinged on the ongoing lockdown restrictions and a lack of travel opportunities the past few months. As Browne explains: “We have a world of ‘couch travellers’ who’ve spent months dreaming of getting out and travelling the world again. It’s time to capture that slice of the pie and give people, of all means, the chance to explore.”


goORTUS uses one of the most technologically-advanced eCommerce systems that gives users direct access to travel-related products at highly competitive rates. The ORTUSgo booking platform secures competitive pricing from suppliers across the globe, constantly seeking out the best deals at any given time. The system allows for traditional tourism package bookings, as well as providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to travel and earn cash back on profits made through these bookings.


If you have a winning personality, a pioneering attitude and are looking to be part of growing a large global team, then #ChaseYourGOALs and apply to become a Founding Ortarian! Work from your mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop while browsing the travel portal and earning commission from one of the globe’s leaders in travel and tourism.


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*Source: United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)