How to handle Flight Delays during holidays

How to handle Flight Delays during holidays
How to handle Flight Delays during holidays. Image source: Pixabay

Whether you enjoy one trip a year or one trip a month, finding that dreaded delay warning next to your flight is a frustrating but very real occurrence for the thousands of daily travellers across the world.

Getting stuck in an airport for hours is not people’s idea of a great holiday, but you can salvage your vacation by following these few tips.

Finding the next available flight

First hearing about a delayed flight can quickly get you worried about missing your important early morning meeting or getting your kids back in time for school. Luckily, airlines can help you stick to your holiday plan by offering an alternative flight as soon as one is made available. Find a nearby help desk to let them know about your situation and you might be able to fly home within a couple of hours.

If no flights are available for the day, you may consider booking through another airline for a more convenient arrangement. Although you and your family shouldn’t expect to all be seated together, it is still a better option than staying the night curled up on a bench, when anyone who has ever experienced a flight delay can vouch for how uncomfortable these are.

Get your holiday covered by a trusted travel insurance

No matter how thoroughly planned out your vacation is, disruptions can arise out of nowhere. A reliable travel insurance will cover any bumps you might encounter along your trip and always keep you one step ahead of trouble.

AA Insurance will get you to your destination safely whether your flight has been hit by bad weather or disruptive strikes. Find a policy tailored to your needs and habits to get a quick claim for any delays or lost baggage and minimize any disruption to your holidays.

Whether you have spent a week backpacking through the countryside, tanning at the beach or rushing between business meetings, trips might not always go as planned but Travel Insurance will get you safely back on your soil.

Finding accommodation for the night

Flight delays can change almost as quickly as the weather that may be causing them. You might remain stranded for six hours or sixteen, either way, it is often an awkward period of time, too short to get back into town, but also long enough to take a well-deserved nap. If it becomes clear that the flight will not be making it out of the country that day, you should probably start looking for some convenient accommodation.

Airlines can help arrange your overnight accommodation and transport between the airport and hotel. Although this service is offered free of charge, busy periods might require you to find your own hotel which you can get reimbursed, as long as it isn’t for the nearby 5-star hotel and spa. Get approval from the company and just remember to keep hold of your precious receipts.

Getting your money back

Between managing your way back home, finding accommodation and having a bite to eat, you might not have thought about getting your flight reimbursed yet, but your wallet will certainly not forget. Try to get information on the causes of the delay and the compensations available to you as soon as possible. If your travel planning is disrupted due to bad weather then check out this quick guide to your rights.

If you have been strolling around the airport for more than five hours, you will have the option of getting a refund on the full cost of your ticket. Alternatively, the airline can arrange your return flight at no added cost if you happen to have missed a connecting flight – just make sure to communicate clearly.

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