7 Holiday Hacks for Holidaymakers

Shaun Lamont, Managing Director of First Group Hotels and Resorts
Shaun Lamont, Managing Director of First Group Hotels and Resorts

Holidays are synonymous with magical, lasting memories with family and friends, and should, by its very nature, be a stress-free experience. But that’s not always the case. Leaving an essential item at home, or worse, losing your bag can get your vacay off to a bad start.  Instead of letting it derail your adventure, Shaun Lamont, seasoned traveller and the Managing Director of First Group Hotels and Resorts, offers 7 simple holiday hacks:

1. Oops, that’s not my bag: If you struggle to spot your luggage in the boot of the car, in the luggage room or on the carousel at the airport, then buy the brightest case you can find! If you already own an army of perfectly good suitcases, then securely knot a bright ribbon onto the handle, for a cheap but effective alternative.

2. There’s nothing to watch on TV: Whilst it’s unlikely that you’ll be glued to the TV while on holiday, even rock stars need some downtime. So, if you don’t like the limited bouquet of channels available, then simply hook your laptop up to the TV, hotel wifi and stream Netflix – voila!

3. No charger, no problem: So, you’ve arrived at your destination sans your phone’s charging block. Before you panic, check out the side of your TV. Some have a USB port and your phone charging cable can be plugged straight into it. Alternatively, there may be a built-in plug point with charging ports in your room, so look around before you panic.

4. Soiled shoes & clothes: If you’ve been on a muddy hike, and your shoes are filthy, you’re not going to want to pack them into your case to contaminate the rest of your clothing. While you may be tempted to leave your shoes behind, rather grab the disposable shower cap from the hotel amenities and wrap it around your shoes to keep the dirt contained. If you have muddy, soiled clothing, pack it into the complimentary laundry bag, tie a knot and pack it in.

5. Leaky toiletries: A shampoo or body lotion bottle that has leaked onto your clothes, leaving a trail of messy destruction in its wake, is guaranteed to irritate you. Who wants to start a holiday doing a load of laundry? Prevent this mess from happening, by inserting a piece of cling wrap under the caps of your toiletries, and then screwing them tightly shut. If it’s just a weekend away, leave the shampoo, conditioner and body lotion at home and opt to use the complimentary amenities offered by the hotel.

6. Pump up the jam: If you had every intention of packing your Bluetooth speaker for a little music but forgot it at home, you can simply pop your phone into a mug or glass for a makeshift speaker; it’s a really good alternative (try it at home!)

7. Creased clothing: Most clothing will not survive a trip in the suitcase unscathed. The easiest way to remove creases is to iron them with a hairdryer or a flat iron (just watch the heat setting or you’ll damage your clothes).

Shaun says that we all want to make our holiday last longer, for less, and enjoy the best home comforts our limited budgets can buy. To make this a reality he says, “Book directly with your hotel or resort of choice. Gone are the days where OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) offer the best deals. Worldwide, leading hotel groups have sweetened the deal for travellers in an effort to make the overall customer experience a better one from booking through to check out. You won’t be disappointed.”

With a few easy holiday hacks in your toolbox, nothing needs to stand in the way of you enjoying your well-deserved break. Now, all you need is the perfect destination. Head on over to www.firstgroup-sa.co.za for loads of fabulous options.