The Eastern Cape is Worth Visiting

Eastern Cape
The Eastern Cape is Worth Visiting. Image source: Pixabay

Travellers to South Africa often overlook the Eastern Cape. It is home to a mix of culture, coastline, and wildlife that many people don’t know about. Here are a few reasons why the Eastern Cape is worth visiting on your next South Africa vacation.

1. Wildlife

In a malaria-free environment, the Eastern Cape is home of many species of fauna and flora. Mountain Zebra National Park and Addo Elephant Park are two important conservation areas. The Eastern Cape Game Reserves also includes an exceptional selection of private concessions and award-winning private reserve and lodges. The beaches are home to a variety of marine life including dolphins and whales.

2. The beaches

The Eastern Cape boasts some of South Africa’s best beaches. Its coastline includes approximately 800km of beautiful, undeveloped beaches. This section is known for its natural beauty and stunning views of the ocean. If you are tired of the popular Cape Town and Durban beaches, there are several alternatives. These options will make your trip to the beach more relaxing. Donkin Heritage Trail, Beaches and Jeffreys Bay are some of the most famous beaches.

3. The history

The Eastern Cape is a rich treasure trove of history. Port Elizabeth today is home to one of the most important sites where British settlers arrived in South Africa. There are many stories to be told about these settlers in this city, from the museums and colonial buildings located in the centre of the city, to the Donkin Heritage Trail. Transkei, once an Area of ‘Bantustan’ in Apartheid times, was the birthplace of many influential South African political activists, including Nelson Mandela.

4. The surf

The Eastern Cape boasts some of the most beautiful and beautiful surfing beaches anywhere in the world. Jeffreys Bay is the Eastern Cape’s most famous surfing spot. This is where you can find some of the most amazing surfing. It’s no surprise it hosts one leg of the annual Billabong Pro(tm), where the top surfers from the planet compete to win the title.

5. The National Arts Festival

The South African National Arts Festival (NAF) is an important cultural event. It is also the largest annual celebration for the arts on Africa. It starts at the end or beginning of June and lasts for 11 days. The festival is held in Grahamstown which is located approximately 90 minutes drive from Port Elizabeth.

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