Personalizing hotel guest experience by leveraging tech

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Hotel Guest. Photo by Diana Grytsku
Hotel Guest. Photo by Diana Grytsku

Providing personalized experience to guests is key to having a competitive advantage in the hotel industry. For instance, if a guest requests his/her room to have a jacuzzi, they have a reason for that; perhaps immersing themselves in that tub is the best way for them to relax. If Wi-Fi is requested, it is important to see to it that it is available for the guest, because maybe he/she needs to keep his business running even when vacationing.

It is all about how special you make your guests feel by meeting them at their very point of need. When you personalize guests’ experiences at your hotel, you not only turn them into returning customers, but also build your hotel’s repute through referrals. So, how can hotel management leverage on technology to achieve this? Investing in technology and innovation for your business is no longer an issue to put on hold. The more people seek to travel, the more hotels need to meet the increasing personal expectations of the millions of travelers.

Capitalizing on Big Data is one of the technological moves to give priority. It helps in predicting the possible customer prospects through collecting and analyzing data in the marketplace. Big Data allows the various hotel departments to be ready to provide best services by the time a guest checks in. For instance, they can previse the guest’s most preferred room amenities based on age and/or type of travel, be it leisure or business. Ensure to create a personal connection with each guest.

Leveraging technology in Hospitality Industry. Photo by Mikko Lemola
Leveraging technology in Hospitality Industry. Photo by Mikko Lemola

Furthermore, focusing on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps the hotel use technology to create guest profiles (especially returning guests) in a bid to improve their experiences every time they check in. It enables close interaction between the brand and the customer, by identifying each guest’s preferences. For example, many a times a returning customer is asked if they have checked into that hotel before. With CRM, however, the hotel should have such information and data at hand, aiding a welcome such as “it is nice to have you back”, rather than the former.

Incorporating Revenue Management Systems places the hotel ahead of other competitors by predicting and providing best price guarantee. This further goes to ensure customers receive satisfactory services for the optimal rate, giving assurance of their return and willingness to do business with the hotel again.

The list can go on and on, but important to note is that even while integrating technology, retaining a human touch is vital. Put in place secure systems to ensure protection of the customers’ personal information. Train the staff to retain a positive approach towards every guest, providing a personal experience yet knowing when to draw a line to the connections. In the end, it’s a win win situation as the hotel cashes in while the guest gets value for money.

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