Top 9 Things To Indulge During The First Trip To Dubai

Top 9 Things To Indulge During The First Trip To Dubai
Top 9 Things To Indulge During The First Trip To Dubai

If you are planning to go on a vacation with your family or friends, then Dubai is one destination that you are sure to enjoy. This city located in the Middle East is considered to be a treasure trove, blending beautifully the rich history and mystique of Arabian Desert along with modern amenities. On realizing the fast depleting oil reserve in the region, the government has taken initiatives to promote the city as a tourist paradise. Dubai is indeed a magical place and does boast about being the Land of Arabian Nights. You can get to maximize your pleasure by booking one of the top booking one of the top hotels in Dubai.

  1. Burj Khalifa: It is regarded to be the most important landmark of the city and also the world’s tallest building, rising gracefully from the desert. It boasts of having 163 floor structure and you are sure to enjoy dramatic vistas and stunning views from its top. You should visit the exclusive viewing deck at its tower. Spanning floors of 148 & 125, visitors can get full glimpse of the whole city from the highest outdoor observatory of the world from vantage point. This location also allows you to enjoy the Fountain show and synchronized water spectacle, that too from eagle view point. it is also an amazing spot to take photos.
  2. 5 Star Dinner & Royal Arabian Safari, Sahara Desert Resort: The desert safari is another must incorporate item in the list of to do things. You can get to experience the beauty and majesty of the desert, similar to how the Bedouins have been doing traditionally for generations. You can climb aboard the luxurious Land Cruiser or Hummer H2 to enjoy a captivating nature drive. You will be provided with onboard refreshments throughout the journey while moving over the sand dunes. You can also avail a camel ride in the open desert or henna painting offered in traditional Bedouin culture. Finally, at any Arabian fortress, you will be provided with 5 star buffets.
  3. Big Bus sightseeing Tour: This city is well connected and most attractions and sites branch off from Sheikh Zayed Road, the main highway. Big Bus Dubai connects all top places and travels down SZR. This trip allows you to explore Burj Khalifa’s iconic modern architecture or the souks and early trading ports of the city, thus exploring the city’s traditional culture. While moving across the desert city, you can comfortably sit in an open top, air conditioned cabin. You can avail buses every 5-15 minutes. The entire tour has around 35 stops. Commentary is also offered by expert guides in 12 major languages.
  4. Atlantis The Palm – Lost Chambers Aquarium: You need to go through the 10 glass tunnelled chambers and check out the stingrays, sharks, lobsters, piranhas, tropical fish, seahorses and other interesting sea creatures. This underwater world is quite spellbinding and has been constructed to represent myth of Atlantis, considered to be the lost civilization of shipwrecks and ruins. You can get to explore over 20 types of marine exhibits, learn about various types of fishes and feel starfish at the touch tank of the aquarium.
  5. Atlantis The Palm – Aquaventure Waterpark: You are sure to find this place thrilling. The Palm is regarded to be the city’s most exotic hotel that has been constructed at the centre of man-made island. This is also among the places, where you have the opportunity to zip through water tunnel and watch stingrays and sharks swim above you. Aquaventure is rather full of rushing rapids and hair raising drops. You can also enjoy lazy sunbathing at the private pristine beach.
  6. RIB Speedboat Tour: From water, you can get a glimpse of the diverse wonders of Dubai by choosing Xclusive Yachts, considered to be a popular boat service provider of Dubai city. The tour includes the famous landmarks like:
    • Bluewater Island
    • Jumeirah Beach Residence
    • Dubai Marina
    • Jumeirah Beach Hotel
    • Atlantis The Palm
    • Burj Al Arab
  7. Green-Planet Indoor Rainforest: An indoor rainforest has been recently added to the already existing sightseeing places. This is a stunningly created vertical tropical rainforest, right in the middle of the Arabian Desert that allows you to check out the exotic flora & fauna. This place encourages knowledge and education, thereby offering first-hand experience about nature. Get to know about the rainforest’s different layers including the animals and plants which have made this place their home.
  8. Ski Dubai: Dubai has gone on to create records one after another. Another one is the largest indoor ski resort of the region, located at the biggest malls of the world. It has 5 slopes with differing inclines and difficulties for skiers belonging to different skills, thus allowing seasoned veterans to beginners. This place is also considered to be home to an indoor black-diamond run, stated to be the World’s very first. It is meant for those daring to conquer the challenges faced in snow. There is a ski lift which ferries skiers to the run. The adjoining Snow Park has toboggan runs, sled routes, ice cave and climbing towers for little ones. Live penguin encounters are recent introductions at the resort. It offers that additional fun element.
  9. Motiongate Dubai: It is another recent addition to the wealth of attractions of Dubai. It was launched in late 2016 and is among the region’s biggest theme park. It combines three of the most prolific and largest Hollywood studios, namely, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate and Dreamworks. You can enjoy watching your favourite characters and animated stories coming to life at Motiongate. This way, you can simply immerse yourself in filmmaking’s golden age by getting to see the behind scenes and also experience real-life movie sets. You also get to understand the actual functions of the production studio.

You are sure to be awed by some of its top attractions and will want to come back again for more. Planning out the trip in advance will ensure that you do not miss out on any of the attractions here.

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